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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by vncj96, Jul 22, 2011.

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    The compressor on my parents s10 blazer is not working last fall we recharged it and it ran perfectly, as soon as we needed it this year, nothing but hot air. The clutch is not engaging and it sounds like the bearing could go at antime. Should Ijust assume the compressor is shot and get a tested one from the junkyard or is there a way at home to do some more investigating? My junkyard warranties everything for 2 years no questions asked policy, so i am not worried about getting a pile but I just dont want to guess at it either.
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    Since it ran perfectly last year after being charged, I think maybe it just has a leak & the freon ran out over the winter. Look for oily residue around the line connections. Many times this can just be a bad O ring or a compression fitting.
    I don't know how bad the compressor noise is, but mine has knocked & growled for several years & still works fine.
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    I would also look in the area of a leak.
    If the clutch does not engage, then it is probably low or out of freon.

    Keep in mind that if you replace a compressor, you may want to go ahead replace the orfice and accumulator.
    And also flush the system while at it.

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    Curious, what compressor do you have on your truck??
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    If I remember right you can Stick a paper clip in your low pressure switch and it will make the compressor engage. If it doesn't then you could try replacing your low pressure switch.

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