Texas Gun Range To Host Children's Birthday Parties

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by rileyjr16, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. dsfloyd

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    I have a Marlin .30-.30 lever action. Its a great shooter and I enjoy the lever action, you would enjoy a lever action. If you are like me though its always fun trying to get the bosses permission to buy new toys:no:
  2. Sierraowner5.3

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    yeah, i was thinking a full on pump rifle in a plinker, maybe a old winchester 1906??? it would cost a fair few $$$ but eh, they are fun. Levers are fun to, buddy of mine bought his little brother a ruger 10/96. uses the magazine from a 10/22, but its a lever. since its a .22 the lever throw is super short, tons of fun.
    [MENTION=51569]Ape[/MENTION], i may have to have you build me a AR:great:. im fairly ignorant on actually putting them together beyond simple tear down/field stripping. also, I have none of the tools for such a project.:lol:

  3. Ape

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    Tis always better to ask for forgiveness than permission. ;-)
    Can't tell you how many times the wife has asked where a new gun in the rack of the gun room came from. :neutral:

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    I'd be happy to build ya one Alex! It would cost ya a bit more than normal cause I'd have to ship it (shipping costs) to an FFL in your neck of the woods so he could do a transfer for ya. But good ones normally only charge around 25 bucks for the transfer.
  4. rileyjr16

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    I've been wanting to build a AR for a long time. But with the recent enlistment into the Navy, I think this can wait a while.
  5. Ape

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    CONGRATS and THANK YOU! :great:
  6. Coach24

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    I love the pump action guns and have a few. Lever action is ok when i wanna play "the Rifleman" But I like the pump and bolt action
  7. rileyjr16

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    No problems. Its going to be better than where I am now. Work with A BUNCH OF IDIOTS who probably can't even pass the ASVAB...

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    Only pumps I have are 3; 870 12 gauges and thats it. Started looking recently for a M1 Carbine but thats semi auto.
  8. Sierraowner5.3

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    my .17 HMR is a bolt, along with my R700 .25-06. then have a pump 870 and my XD.

    i think my next shotgun is gonna be a nice 1100 or 1187. maybe a benelli, but those are SPENDY for new, and when it comes to guns, I prefer to buy new. kinda wanna go the the gun range now and -lay with my .17.

    @Ape, dont spose ud be interested in a trade? my R700 was kind of a impulse buy, and I dont have much use for one, at this point a good AR would do me more good. pm me for more info if you want.


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