Thank God I'm still alive.

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by JayBee, Jun 29, 2012.

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    My life changed on May 27, 2012. My wife's brother was killed. So all the family was in for the funeral and services. A few days later I decided to take everyone on an ATV trip in the hills of WV where we live to try to take our minds off of the tragedy. While riding a trail off off a slate dump about 300 or so feet steep, I gunned my atv to pass a friend and hidden at the bottom of the trail in some grass was a 200 or so pound boulder of a rock. I hit this rock with my atv at about 55mph. It slammed my head into the plastic dash and odometer then flipped me off of the atv and threw me about 60 feet out onto the mine road.

    It didn't knock me out but when I landed I knew it was bad. There was a waterfall of blood pouring off my head. (I wasn't wearing a helmet. Always wear a helmet no matter what). I saw a bright white light surrounding me. I thought this is it, I'm dying. At the same time I felt that my forehead and face was falling off of my head. I had to push it back up on my head with my hands.

    My FIL (father in law) came back and him and his friend were on a side by side. I just kept hearing my FIL tell me we got to get you up in his ranger and get me off the hill. My other BIL called 911 to have an ambulance meet us off the hill. As I listened to my FIL the bright light slowly went away and I could see daylight again.

    On our way down the hill I held up part of my face and our buddy held up another part of my head It was hard for me to breathe. I was taking shallow breaths. My back was hurting so bad. It took almost 30 minutes to get me off the hill. We were about 8 miles back on the mountain.

    When we finally got off the hill the paramedics were trying to get me up on a stretcher. And the rag came off my head. One of the paramedics freaked out! On the way to the hospital we had to stop to pick up another paramedic cause the one freaked out.

    I then had a seizure before flying me out on a helicopter taking me to a trauma hospital. They were just trying to keep me alive at that point. But I finally got off the vent.

    So in all I broke my back at T6, punctured my lung, broke both orbital bones under my eyes, broke my nose, and I have a scar from my right eye brow up my forehead wrapping over my head and down to my left ear. I had plastic surgery to repair my head, a few hundred stitches. Now I'm dealing with post concussion syndrome, dizzy, off balance, lose focus, short term memory loss. But I'm alive. I was spared from death by God. They tell me that God wants me here for a reason. But the devil try's his hardest to beat me down. Recovery has been and still is a long process. The pain is unreal but it let's me know I'm alive. I've had a lot of people praying for me. I believe those prayers were answered.

    I could have easily broke my neck, be paralyzed or dead. I'm a big guy. They say the wreck I had would have killed a smaller person. My atv hit the rock so hard it dug it up out of the ground and shot it 20 feet from where I hit it.

    But here I am. Thankful for the second chance I get at life. I'm getting a tattoo that says I live my life a better man cause I've been halfway to Heaven. Thanks for letting me share my story.
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    Now all We have to do is figure out why We have been spared when such an occurence like this happens to one of Us.That was one heck of a close call.I ride an ATV Myself,but always try to make sure I have a helmet on.T=Really no excuse not to wear a helmet.
    Good Luck on Your recovery.
  3. Enkeiavalanche

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    WOW!! Talk about 9 lives .. Glad to see and hear you are still with us.. Please keep us posted..
  4. SupplySgt

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    I've been in the Army (in Combat Arms units I might add) for 8 years, and 2 1/2 years ago was in a very bad car wreck that should have killed me. I struggled for a long time trying to figure out why I'm still here. I finally realized that I'm just not gonna understand the why until I do finally go to be with the Lord and see the big picture. Glad to hear you made it though. Just try to remember that there is a greater plan. I know it's easier said than done (it's something I battle with every day over a myriad of things) but the more we can understand that, the freer we are to serve.
  5. Goldie

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    Your Creator has something in mind for you to do someday in the future and has given you another chance. Keep working on your recovery and the rest of us will keep you in our thoughts for a full, speedy, and uncomplicated recovery. Remember as long as you are upright, sober, and sucking air you have hope!

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    Man your a very lucky man. Thank the Lord everyday for your second chance. It's good to see that your on your way to recovery but be patient. Love your love ones everyday and live in the grace of God.
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    Glad to have you here and still alive and in once piece. I just realized that today is June 30th, and it was 22 years ago today (and it was a Saturday too!) that I had injured with a serious head injury and had a similar experience. Time moves on and now there are maybe periods of time 6 months long that I don't even think about that day, even though it was a life-changing event, the scars may remain, but time does fade the memories of it all.
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    glad your still around and kicking!

    something like that is rough. never dealt with anything like that myself, and hope i dont have to. good luck with the recovery.

  9. ChevyFan

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  10. JnBama

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    Thats too bad Steve prayers for the family, they have lots of drownings around here but it's usually from no life vests and alcohol. Take it easy JayBee you will heal over time with good lord is watching over you

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