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    First post. Wanted to start off saying thank you. Been researching the forums for a long time now. Wanted to do as much research as possible before making my wheel/tire puchase. Hopefully this post will help someone else that is deciding. I have a 2009 Silverado crew cab 5.3 with Z71 appearance package. Truck has the ReadyLift leveling kit. The wheels I went with are 20 x 9 +12 offset. The tires are Cooper Zeon LTZ 305/50/20. There is no rub what so ever. Check your tire pressure after getting your setup. Discount put about 36 psi per specs in the tires. Felt like I was hauling a heavy load. Have them at about 41 psi and rides much better now.

    PS - I've read how a couple of other guys were having problems with the door locks vibrating pretty bad. Mine were also, I tried dynamat behind them but it was to thick. The solution that worked for me was popping off the plastic door lock cap and sticking a piece of velcro (fuzzy side) right where the plastic would make contact on door panel. Works perfect.

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    Welcome! :great:

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