The American Commuity Survey

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    So, my address, and not me personally (says the pamphlet), has been selected to complete the survey. The pamphlet that was mailed to me says this survey is done every few years to compliment the 10-year census. It supposedly collects data to help the .gov decide where to put school, fire/PD stations, highways, etc. Has anyone else gotten one of these? I just did it. It was fifty questions and took about twenty minutes to complete.
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    Actually, it is a random sampling of 250,000 people per year to keep the census information more up to date. In our unstable and global economy the 10 year census does not paint a real time picture, sooooo, random sampling of geographic areas assist in community services needed. I think this method was a dream around year 2000, and became statistical used data around year 2009 and forward. A good example would be the number of out of state oil field and pipe line workers here in Oklahoma, the feds base allocations of money for services based on populatiion, if a percent of a region is living in another state for a few years working there, one state is over allocated funds/services while another is under allocated, in addition to tax stuff. There is a web site for this,,,,I dont think the read will make the best seller list.
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    Good info there. I get what they are trying to do with it but in a country with over 300 million people, a sample of 250,000 seems a bit too small. What is that, less than .1%?

    But yeah, there were quite a lot of questions about who lives at my address, how long have I been at my address, how many people live with me, how many people live there but are away for extended periods of time, etc, etc.

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