The demise of the 2500 Suburban

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  1. Jamm3r

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    Word is that there will be no 2500 Suburban for 2014. Dealers are selling from 2013 inventory, which they anticipate will last through the 2014 model year.

    2015 brings a new platform. Possibly no 2500 there, either, at least at first.

    This will leave a significant gap as the only vehicles with a 3rd row of seats and 10k towing are full-sized vans, which lack 4 wheel drive.
  2. Pikey

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    That stinks. I think that GM showed us that they are not interested in continuing to make a "work horse" suburban when they eliminated the Diesel option. There is always the option of buying a 1500 and taking it to place like "@duraburb" in Florida and having them do their diesel and HD axle conversion. Of course that is if you have an extra $17000-$25000 laying around after you buy your new Suburban.

    On a side note: I have also been told that an extended cab 8 foot bed will no longer be available in a 1500. You have to buy a 2500 to get that combo.

    The issue I see with GM doing things like is is that they are pushing themselves right out of certain markets. Sure, the 2500 suburban and an ext cab 8 foot bed silverado does not sell nearly as much as their other trucks. But, a guy is going to go and buy a dodge or ford for a work truck with an 8 foot bed and ext cab. Maybe he will have a great experience at the dealer. Then when it comes time to buy a new family vehicle he is going to consider going back to the ford or dodge dealer for that new car. In my opinion GM is making their trucks for a soccer mom and dad rather than the working folk. This is evident with how hard it is to find a new truck that is a W/T, stripped down version. Now most of the new trucks on the lot are covered in chrome with DVD players and tons of other amenities. I know at least 10 people that would buy a new Suburban with no carpet and a rubber floor if it was available.
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  4. Pikey

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    I think that much of it is that GM is not listening to the brand loyal customers. My father works at the GM tech center and has for over 30 years. Last week I drove him into work. I started laughing about halfway thru the campus. My dad asked me why I was laughing. I told him that I had counted over 90 chrysler miniivans in the parking lots. He said, "yep. pretty dumb that gm employees need to buy a chrysler to get a van, you would figure that an executive would look at their own parking lot and see an issue, it is right under their noses." GM loyal people are leaving GM because they can not get what they want/need. This was on a sunday morning when there were hardly any employees there.
  5. stchman

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    Remember, GM has to build what sells, sure maybe 1% of the truck buyers might consider a 2500 Suburban with a diesel a great thing, but the truth of the matter is that catering to the extreme fringe is not financially profitable.

    The extended cab long box 1500, how often does one even see one of these? It's once in a blue moon. If one wants a long bed, get a regular cab or get an HD truck. Long bed trucks are for work.

    GM is under the gun from the taxpayers for the bailout stuff, so to satisfy them they need to buy vehicles that are popular sellers. Once GM fully recovers maybe they can start making fringe vehicles again.
  6. Pikey

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    Must be where you live, because they are everywhere near me. I am close to a city but also close to many farming areas. Yes, many people use them for work. But, I have at least 6 friends with bed campers that require an 8ft bed, 3 of which have extended cab 8ft bed silverados that they are looking to replace within the next year. As I said before, I understand that the 8ft bed ext cab and 2500 suburban were not huge sellers. But, I see someone going to ford or dodge because they offer the package, then the trickle down effect happens and GM has not only lost one truck sale but, maybe, generations of sales from one family.
  7. stchman

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    I live in the St. Louis area and you rarely see an extended cab 8 foot bed. The overwhelming majority of 1/2 ton trucks in my area are crew cabs with 5'9" beds. This is probably because long bed trucks are not as attractive as short bed trucks(just my opinion).

    Remember, GM has said that crew cab segment is now 43% of the truck market, it just so happens in my area that people prefer to buy crew cabs.
  8. Pikey

    Pikey Moderator Staff Member

    I agree that you see tons of crew cabs out there. But, I believe that the situation was created by GM. People buy what is on the lot. They offer crazy good lease deals on the crew cabs not the ext cabs. I just saw this ad on tv, I can go get a 2013 crew cab 4x4 for $249 a month. If I want an extended cab the incentives are not as good and it will actually cost me $259 for less room. So, of course if I was in the market I would go with what is going to cost me less and still fit my needs.

    Oh, above you stated that GM makes what they can sell and that maybe 1% of truck buyers may want a 2500 suburban diesel. That I can agree with. But, what about elimination of their minivans? They could and did sell those. Sure, Chrysler set and holds the benchmark for the vans, but GM loyal folks would still buy a GM van. I know that in December when I bought my wife's caravan I would have bought a GM van if it was available.
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  9. RayVoy

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  10. CKNSLS

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    I can't imagine a significant sales volume for a Suburban (2500) that seats eight and needs to be a towing machine. Most trailers won't sleep 8 comfortably. It's all about dollars, and if the volume isn't there it doesn't make sense to produce. The payloads on half ton trucks are around 1,500 pounds. So the truth of the matter is that 8 foot beds are overkill. A Crew Cab with a long bed is one long truck and I am in truck country and don't see many of those monsters.
  11. stchman

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    IMO, the only reason to get an 8 foot bed is to haul plywood or drywall with the tailgate up.
  12. CKNSLS

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  13. phoebeisis

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    In 2007 didn't the suburban lose the fold flat seats capability?
    Now I will probably buy a 2004-2006 to replace the 1998 someday(but the 98 runs soooo well)
    I would probably avoid the 2007 because we sleep in the suburban-at rest stops-and my wife doesn't like the slight uptilted sleeping position of non fold flat seats(our Pilot's second row didn't fold quite flat)
    Of course it is more a 4x8 building material thing
    but yes GM does not see suburbans as "work hauling vehicles" they are people haulers and boat trailer haulers.Mainly bought to haul people an d "stuff" soccer teams

    Guessing GM figures there crossover SUVs are close enough to minivans-minivan market isn't as big as it once was-The last minivan GM made-wasn't great-Toyota Honda even the Dodge were better.
    Maybe they should offer a lowered smaller tired version of their big 204" crossover-Acadia???
    De-macho it a bit-but make the step in lower-smaller tires etc
  14. Pikey

    Pikey Moderator Staff Member

    I did checkout the acadia when we were vehicle hunting. My sister has one. There is no leg room in the third row and when the third row is not folded down it is hard to even fit a stroller behind the seat.
  15. McClintoc

    McClintoc Super Moderator

    NOOOOO! A 2500 Suburban was going to be my next truck in a few years!!
  16. CKNSLS

    CKNSLS New Member

    OK-just curious, why were you going to buy one?
  17. McClintoc

    McClintoc Super Moderator

    I currently have a 1500 Silverado and I want a beefier truck so I am thinking a 2500 HD. I know a 2500 Silverado would have more towing capacity than a 2500 Suburban but a 2500 Suburban would have more towing capacity than a 1500 Silverado and I really like the idea of a fully enclosed cargo area.
  18. DuraBurb

    DuraBurb New Member

    We work very closely with a few folks at GM (on the down low) on the changes that come down the line from year to year and like you, we hear these rumors every year, There will be a split year for 2014 much like what you saw in late 2006 with the Tahoe and in 2007 with the Silverado (OBS and NBS) selling new at the same time.

    Traditionally GM retools the Mexico plant first then the US plant, for whatever unknown reason the powers to be decided to retool both plants to the GMT1000 platform at the same time, what that means for us is for the next year the only new 2500 SUV's will be the ones stockpiled in the Pig-Pens built until 6/13.

    You will be waiting till late 2014 for the GMT1000 2500 SUV. sorry

    The 2014 2500 SUV will carry the same front diff configuration as the new GMT1000 2500/3500 Silverado and it will be going to the 8x180 wheel pattern, the rear diff stays with the 10.5" ring gear, the 6.0 will get the GDI system as the 4.8 & 5.3 but still no DOD. We heard rumors of the 6.2 appearing with a cast iron block but that was debunked :-( To bad as it would have been cool.

    Don't waste time asking dealers anything, the honest ones will tell you they are the last to know anything, you would think GM would feed them some kind of info but they dont, they just log in one day and "poof" new RPO codes.

  19. cmcolfax

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    We have an '08 Outlook (the Acadia's cheaper sister). Great driver. Fast. Comfortable. Plenty of room... to a point.

    We have three kids (Ages 5, 3 and 1) so we sold my beloved 98 Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited and bought the Outlook.

    What we have found is we can't bring anything bigger than a small collapsable stroller and if we are going anywhere for more than 2-3 days we simply run out of room.

    And I won't put one of those dumb-ass looking car toppers on it.

    No, not even the fancy, expensive Thule "torpedo" shaped ones.

    Hence the hunt for a 2nd Gen / GMT400 Burb...

  20. Pikey

    Pikey Moderator Staff Member

    Finally!!! someone agreed with me on this (or at least admitted that they agree!) We also have 3 kids, (5,2, and 25 weeks) That is how I ended up with the yukon xl and now the dodge minivan for my wife. My sister with 2 kids drives around with a huge topper on the vehicle. But, she is also the one that shows up at the zoo with a wagon full of crap to only stay there for 2-4 hours. We show up with a small diaper bag (if I don't have cargo pants on) and a stroller for the little one.

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