The EPA is on the offensive ?

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by JTWard, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. JTWard

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    Here in PA the EPA has entered the advertisement business with their "Big-Oil/Bad-Oil commercials. So I assume 15% ethanol oil can't be far behind. I don't know how it'll affect the majority of the autos on the road. My 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GT states on page 338 that I need to use fuel with an octane of at least 91 octane and absolutely no fuel that has a higher percentage of ethanol above 10%. And to never use Methanol blended fuels. Don't know your thoughts on the subject, I'm not in favor of using corn as a source of sugar or alcohol, considering we're already subsidizing farms & their major global companies. I have a friend from Ecuador, he has told me that almost all of the cars and trucks down there are Japanese and they use E85 but that all the vehicles have stainless -steel fuel systems. But they have a zillion miles of sugarcane to use and they sell gasoline by the liter and it only cost about $2.75 a liter. I have been told by a lot of folks besides myself that the higher ethanol amounts will cause corrosion in the fuel system which is why they market some cars & trucks as "Flex-Fuel" vehicles. I think that's the sad part. We don't make cars & Trucks anymore. We make vehicles now ! :confused:
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    If you've got an older fuel system ... be prepared to have it eat that entire system up. Not good. Not to mention that we've got a LACK OF FOOD in parts of the world because farmers want to turn it into fuel for more profit.
  3. JTWard

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    I think this administration is bound to keep tightening the screws till there's car fires, as is the case in the past. Wait till some children are killed in a car fire for the EPA realize this higher amount of ethanol isn't a good idea !
  4. tbplus10

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    What will happen is theyll just chase older cars that are used as daily drivers off the road, builders/customizers will upgrade systems to adapt. But this is something certain govt. offices have been pushing for years, it isnt a certain Administration, demcrats or republicans its govt entities that have the mindset the only way to protect us from ourselves is to force through their particular agenda.
    The EPA has always been of that mindset and is always looking for ways to maximize their authority while justifying their existance. Sadly most govt functions are this way since its how they justify the funding not just for their operations but their very paychecks.
  5. M-technik-3

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    Corn is bad and doesn't belong in cars PERIOD.
  6. stchman

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    $2.75 a liter is $10.41 a gallon, that's REALLY expensive for fuel.

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