The great "radar detector debate"

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by Ridyn, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. SurrealOne

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    I lived in Texas for 12 years (specifically Austin) and I did an Austin-Houston-back-to-Austin weekend drive religiously every month during that 12 years. In Ridyn's defense if you are on the highway and you're not running at least 10mph over the speed limit (outside of rush hour) on the highway then YOU are the hazard, as people fly down the highways in Texas.

    Also worth noting is that cops don't seem to bat an eye at vehicles rolling 10mph over the speed limit; they're looking for 15-20mph or more over the limit during the daytime. This means one really doesn't need a detector if one is only going 5-10mph over ... and it's just wasted money on a feel-good security blanket that doesn't really protect you.

    Night time is, of course, a different story as every stop (even 8mph over) is a stop looking for drunk drivers. However, if you're stopped and you have a detector ... plan on getting a ticket, as the detector tends to just piss the cops off.
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  2. McClintoc

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    This, times a million. Just go the speed limit. The only two speeding tickets I have ever got, both times, were from highway patrol officers that were traveling in the opposite direction and clocked me at the last second. There weren't hiding and didn't have their radars on until the were right on top of me. I trashed my radar detector after the second ticket and started driving the speed limit. That was 8 or 9 years ago.
  3. ntbush83

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    Valentine 1 all the way! Used one for a year and that thing was flat amazing.
  4. mudpuppy

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    other than planned events with my t-bird sc going well over 160mph at times i never speed. its rather funny when driving normal. im usually the slowest car/truck on the road. however i do enjoy using a radar detector while driving. not so much for speeding but more for avoiding emergency vehicles and noise ordinance laws due to my loud sound systems now in both mudpuppy and slowpoke(slowpoke is the tbird). the radar detector i have also has weather alerts to which have saved my ars in the past traveling northern routes during the winter months. most have more uses for them other than getting away with speeding like me which is why im bitter about illegal laws against them. its not like they really work that great anyways for avoiding a speeding ticket. it seems that over 80% of the time that they beep your caught anyways.
  5. SurrealOne

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    This is the key reason I don't bother with them, anymore. Even the V1 landed me a ticket ... and that ticket was ONLY because the V1 was in my vehicle and on (when it was supposed to be invisible to radar detector detectors ... in a state where radar detectors are illegal)!
  6. Ridyn

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    Ouch, I'm glad Texas doesn't have strict laws like this. I don't see the issue with radar detectors...if their argument is "it encourages speeding", then they might as well give everyone in a corvette a ticket since..having a fast car would encourage speeding...
  7. Pikey

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    I have a Phazer II by rocky mountain industries. It is a detector and scrambler. I have had it since 02 and have not been pulled over since 02. I used to drive 80+ mph on the freeway and turnpike in Ohio and never had an issue. The manufacture claims that it puts out "white noise" that scrambles the radar signal as long as you are 100 feet away or further. So, it is supposed to defeat "instant on" radar. I have it mounted above my rear view mirror in my truck. Most people never notice that it is there. I don't drive fast anymore. Hardly never over 70mph, it just burns too much gas.
  8. Ridyn

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    Yeah I don't like going over 80 just because I'm in a vehicle that wasn't designed to drive over that speed and still be stable. I do go 80 when given the opportunity and whenever the speed limit is 70+. Here in Texas if the speed limit is lower than that there is a good reason why it's lower. Especially with a bunch of country roads back this way you don't want to be caught going 70+ at night and have a deer jump in front of you and not having enough safe stopping distance.
  9. Pikey

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    I live in Michigan and people drive crazy fast here. Posted speeds on most freeways here is 70 mph, but if you do that you have people pushing you out of the way consistently! With the yukon xl I set the cruise at 68-70mph. That is prime mpg for me. I just let the folks fly passed and enjoy my 21mpg. When I had the 02 silverado I would drive 80-85 mph and a lot of people would still be passing me. Thats why I have the radar detector. Most the time the police will not mess with you if you are doing 80 or under.
    Rocky mountain actually had a radar detector/scrambler that looked like an old cell phone. You could enter the speed that you wanted the police radar to read. You could drive 90 and have the radar read 25mph if you wanted. If the police looked at it, it would just give a low battery warning unless you knew the proper sequence of buttons to press to unlock it. It was on the market for about 2 months before they were forced to stop producing them by the federal government. I had one on order and they called me to tell me that I would not be getting it do to the fact that they were no longer allowed to produce them. A year or so later they came out with the one I have now.

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