The itch of being offroad!!

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by BigMike2011, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. BigMike2011

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    So im now going to college at harding university in searcy arkansas which is a long way from any where lol. Back in texas i had an offroad park about 15 minutes from my house and i would take the occasional trip down and spend all day gettin my truck dirty and just havin a good time. When i moved to arkansas i dont have the option of opening my truck up a bit and whippin it into 4 wheel. Im startin to get that craving of being offorad and away from all the idiot drivers. so my question to all of you is do you know where any good offroad parks are near to searcy? lol i have done little research and all the results are of offroad clubs that drive all the way to oklahoma to dune race. I would rather not drive that far

    Thanks alot guys!
  2. ChevyHD

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    I am having the same withdrawals. I just started my freshman year and I have come to realize that i hate human beings. Well city slickers anyway. This wasnt really evident to me till I tried driving my truck around the city with a bunch of idiot drivers like you said. Plus the parking spots are always way to small for a fullsize truck. I feel like a hick being discriminated in the big city lol. I can't find much of offroad parks around the cities that i would want to take my truck so luckily i only have an hour and a half drive home to let the heavy chevy stretch her wings haha
  3. BigMike2011

    BigMike2011 Member

    Haha Brother! they all drive 5 under and take their sweet time to go any where. ive been craving some bonding time with my truck that i havent had in a while
  4. ChromeSilver02

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    I understand your craving, when I went to college I was away from my regular spots, as an engineering student I knew many other engineering friends that liked to off road so I learn of trails around the college, mostly power line and piping trails. I never went to a off roading park even though it was about 3 hrs away. I wasnt worried about getting in trouble going on public land cause the cops never seemed to care. When I wanted to a new trail I actually went on google maps and looked at construction sites and neighborhoods for "trails" and I go check them out. I would also just be friendly to other off roading "rigs" owners so they usually tell where they go.
  5. tbplus10

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    Not the 15 minute ride down the road your used to but Hot Springs Ark has some great trails and lots of open play land.
    You might even run across a few of the trucks you saw down in Texas, I know a lot of guys that take the trip to Hot Springs a couple times a year.
  6. BigMike2011

    BigMike2011 Member

    Ya i actually found hot springs and i already got a trip planned for the weekend to go either late this month or early the next! so ill check it out and get back to yall. but the google maps deal is a pretty smart idea Chrome thanks for that. I found a promising piece of construction land that got shut down a couple months back

    Thanks for all the help guys with my on going addiction

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