The Last 1987 Buick Grand National.. Remember these???

Discussion in 'Other GM Cars' started by Enkeiavalanche, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Enkeiavalanche

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    An EXgirl friend of mine had one.. I loved driving it.....

    [h=1]The Last 1987 Buick Grand National[/h]
    By: PB Editor
    Friday, October 19, 2012

    Documentary chronicles the end of GM G-body production.

    The last Buick Grand National, built Dec. 11, 1987, will star in “BLACK AIR: The Buick Grand National Documentary” produced by Andrew Filippone Jr.
    The documentary is set to be released Dec. 11, exactly 20 years after the last production Regal Grand National rolled off the assembly line.The final GN signaled the end of GM G-body (Cutlass, Regal, Monte Carlo) production.
    Owned by Buick-Chevrolet-GMC Truck dealer Bob Colvin in Springhill, La., the Regal Grand National is arguably the most documented of any GN or GNX vehicle, according to a press release.
    [​IMG] Bob Colvin and the last Buick '87 Grand National​
    The 245-hp ’87 Grand National is monochromatic turbocharged and intercooled with rear-wheel drive. Known for being available “in any color, as long as it’s black,” it was built a few months into Buick’s 1988 model year.
    The vehicle came off the line with a plethora of mechanical parts signed by final-line workers, including a special time-and-date-stamped window sticker. An additional GM emblem was installed on its header panel to distinguish it as the last built.
    “We chose Bob Colvin’s GN for our movie poster and a starring role in ‘BLACK AIR’ because of its historical significance to Buick GN owners, as well as muscle car enthusiasts regardless of brand loyalty,” said Filippone.[​IMG]
    Interest in the GN in the 1980s sparked Buick to not limit production and build as many Grand Nationals as it could. While GN production in 1982, ’84, ’85 and ’86 averaged 2,500 units per year, the ’87 GN finished its run with 20,193 units—approximately eight times the average, the release stated.
    Additionally, Buick built 1,547 T-Type Regals with GN powertrains and 547 limited edition GNXs.
    Second-generation Buick dealer Colvin, his wife Charlotte and son Matt, followed the car down the final assembly line and documented every stage of the build process. The Regal Grand National is displayed in its own temperature-controlled room at Springhill Motor Co., surrounded by memorabilia from its build at the long-gone Pontiac plant. It has accumulated just 14 miles since rolling off the assembly line almost 20 years ago.
    For more information about “BLACK AIR: The Buick Grand National Documentary,” please visit

  2. SurrealOne

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    That's really odd, as I was searching Craigslist for these and Monte Carlo SS's, yesterday. (Are you spying on me?!) Around here it seems the old Monte Carlo SS's outnumber the Grand Nationals about 4:1. Sadly most have been turned into hoopties rolling on 24's with terrible paint jobs. I always loved that body style; those cars just looked mean...
  3. Enkeiavalanche

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    You mean like this???? florida truck pics 041.jpg SBN 2 049.jpg nopi 002 (Custom).jpg nopi 001.jpg nopi 083 (Custom).jpg nopi 040 (Custom).jpg These are from some of the old shows I used to go to SBN in Daytona and Nopi in Atl Ga. The old Fun days....
  4. Sierraowner5.3

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    those pictures just make me cringe.....

    i see those kinds of cars here in VB far more then id like. one caprice almost has more ground clearence then i do the rims are so big.

  5. The Heater

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    I test drove one new but I think it was 1988. Very powerful and fast. But the problem with selling it was it was a Buick, which has a public image of being a "grandma car". On the plus side, since not a whole lot were sold, if you get one in 4-5 original condition, just hang onto it and you will make money.
  6. SurrealOne

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    Owwww, my eyes! Those are -painful- to look at because those cars were stupidly quick in their day and are even fairly fast in today's terms. (IIRC, the Buick Regal GNX did 0-60 in under 5 seconds.) The moment a new form massively detracts from a vehicle's functionality I tend to think that form is 'too far'.

    I'd love to see one of those hoopties corner hard, lose bead on one or more of its stretched tires, and destroy its 24's -- it'd serve to underscore my point about 'too far' fairly readily. :) I can, however, see slamming the car to get more downforce -- as long as it's not lowered 'too far' soas to have a negative impact on handling. You get the idea.


    P.S. I apply this thinking to my own truck. I try to improve form without sacrificing functionality; in many cases I try to add functionality while preserving a stock or very subtle look (most of my interior mods are invisible). Alox is like this, too...
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  7. tbplus10

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    One picture would've been sufficient Enkie, man was that painful on the eyes.
    I tried to buy a GN when they were new but at the time I couldnt get anyone to finance me, probably worked out better off in the end I'm sure I would've gotten into trouble with it.
    A good friend of mine had 2 of them and managed to wreck both in a short amount of time.
    I see them for sale around here every once in a while but normally when you do see them their ragged out and ready for the wrecking yard and the owner still thinks he has a gold mine, definately outnumbered by the Monte Carlo SS.
  8. Enkeiavalanche

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  9. barefoot greg

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    i saw a special on these on spike tv a couple years ago. The last year they made them they changed the name to the GNX and teamed up with Mclaren to produce a turbo charged V6. faster 0-60 time than a corvette from the same year was what they said on the program. They only produced a limited amount of them and the dash had a emblem with the production number on it.
  10. moogvo

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    I see those hoopties around here all the time. I love to find them on Craigslist. those fools think they are worth a lot because they do that dumb crap to them. Dude... you '77 Impala is still an $800.00 car even with the paint and the wheels... Probably less since the next owner is still going to have to put it all back!

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