The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by unplugged, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Dan

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    personaly i would do no changes that change the specs of what the truck was designed for till warrenty expired my case i just added the major guard coverage from GM so it will be at lest another 3 years or a total 71789 miles..
  2. sgui

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    hate to say it but those programers from not only gm but all automakers are pretty sharp cookies. most fixes today come from a flash. hard to believe i know one thing i flash a lot for is a/c after the victim coughs up 1200 for compressor drier the whole 9 yards still noooooo cool . oh put gauges on it shows as being a bad compressor low side 90 high side 20 reflash of the hvac module all it really does is realigns the blend doors
  3. Dan

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    i could not beleave but after they replaced the blending motors for right and left side of the ac controles..

    they had to reflash and send the new flash number and a copy of the flash print out that showed no other non aproved flash was ever done..

    sure glade i bought the GM major guard warrenty the bill was 589.00 parts and lobor and with my 0 deductable it just made my day plus they rented me a car for the 3 days while it was dowm
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  4. jerseymike68

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    Thank You!
  5. sgui

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    hate to rufful any feathers

    lifts most times will not void warranty unless they have been jury rigged on the other hand if it is towed in with the front of the pinion missing or #6 rod hanging out you may have a little trouble getting it done under warranty :rules:
  6. miggzhoe

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    How about if you install aftermarket 24" wheels on your tahoe and the transmission slipped. Would that void your warranty?
  7. b-radical

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    my guess would be yeah
  8. TurboChris

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    Remember....just cause the MM act exists....doesn't mean they'll follow it. I had a 01 F250 Diesel 4x4 Crew Cab.....9" of lift and 38's. Big Trucks are everywhere here in SoCal. I had a gasket on my Turbo to head pipe go out....took it in and they denied warranty on it cause I had a cat back exhaust on it?? When I pushed him for a reason he said there diesel tech said my larger exhaust created MORE heat thus the failure of the gasket....WTF? As ANYONE knows with ANY kind of a diesel backround....a larger exhaust REDUCES the EGT's...(exhaust gas temp).....NOT increases...
    I explained that to him and he just said...No, we stand behind our tech....when I brought up The MM act....he said "Sue us"

    This is a LARGE dealer (T. Robbins Ford - Costa Mesa) here in Orange county.

    So take it for what it is....but IT won't MAKE anyone do anything....ultimately you may have to back it up by taking them to court.
  9. tbplus10

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    Thats true, it's also why they have Arbitrators to decide who's liable for what. And if you dont like an Arbitrators decision you can take it to a Civil Court.
  10. MorePowerMike

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    I can vouche for this being true. But this does not mean you can't re-program the pcm. You just need to choose a programmer that will restore the factory CVN# to the pcm. An example of this is the SCT hand held flash programmer. When you first program the vehicle, it stores the original factory program onto the device along with the original CVN#. So before you go to the dealer, simply program the vehicle back to stock. When the service technician checks for the CVN#, it shows as a match and you are good to go.

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