The most important system/component on a vehicle

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  1. Big_Mike

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    The most important component(s) on a vehicle is (in my opinion) the tires. The tires provide vital contact with the ground. This contact enables proper handling, accelerating, and decelerating. While the braking system is important, without tires, the braking system struggles to perform it's duty. If a tire blows out, a vehicle can flip or swerve over into oncoming traffic or off of the road.

    Tires must be inflated correctly to perform as designed, depending on driving conditions (terrain, vehicle usage, etc.). So while some people may dispute that the braking system is number one considering safety, I think that while still of utmost importance, the braking system is number two on the list. While no vehicle is perfect, a well-maintained vehicle is certainly much safer for the driver, other motorists, and members of the community.

    Questions/comments are welcome! If you disagree, tell me what you think is most important system/component on a vehicle (for safety)!
  2. Dana W

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    The driver.
  3. McClintoc

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    This, times a million. Cars can only do what a driver allows them to do or keeps them from doing. A well educated/experienced driver can overcome a lapse in any of the vehicle's systems should a problem occur. And, on the other side of that coin, no amount of tread, horse power, etc will prevent a stupid driver from doing stupid things.
  4. Big_Mike

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    You two make a great point, but I wasn't talking about the human aspect of vehicle safety. I was talking about the various systems and their importance to make a vehicle safe as possible. However, another point to elaborate on while discussing human behavior, is how well the vehicle has been maintained! That is a HUGE point to discuss! Thanks for the comments members.
  5. ajarman

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    I would say the most important would be air bags/seat belts. :neutral:
  6. Dana W

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    I read a quote by someone about the Automobile. I can't remember who said it. It may have been Buckminster Fuller. "The modern automobile is a conglomeration of added on systems designed to compensate for the shortcomings of all the other systems". IF you are talking about safety, then I think it is a tie between enough power, and enough stopping power.
  7. ChevyFan

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    I think it's a building block type of puzzle. You have to have good tires, but you have to have good brakes once you have good tires. Then you have to have a good suspension once you have good brakes and tires. It just builds up on itself.

    Looking at it differently, if I were to buy a project vehicle ... usually I think about things like tires, brakes and making certain that the engine and transmission work ... then everything else just gets worked in order of importance for need.

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