The most terrifying experience I've ever had

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by 09Z71, Nov 17, 2009.

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    well, as some of you may have seen in my pictures, there is a nicely mangled 2005 GMC there. yes, i rolled it. i explained the accident in a few lines there, but here i think I'll go into depth of what really happened that day.

    it was pretty much a Tuesday morning in March '09 like any other Tuesday morning. my wife, 3 year old Quinn and I live out in the beautiful countryside. we live in a summer village in a winterized house near a lake. it's a decent half hour commute to work in the nearby city of Red Deer. most of that commute is quiet, serene and deserted 2 lane roads. a commute any city commuter would die to have. in 2005 i bought my 7th GM truck. a 2005 Sierra SLE 5.3 extended cab 4x4 completely stock. it was 3 months old and the owner had already lowered it and took the 4x4 stickers off and added the Supercharger. i bought it near my parent's vacation house in the US. anyway, it was my favorite truck i think to this date. i love my new truck, but there was something about the GMT800 generation that i loved. i had a '99 1500 extended cab, a 2002 Sierra extended cab and my 2005 were all GMT800's. so anyway i was driving along the usual road to work and it was strangely dense all around. usually i can sleep and get to work without hitting something. i was driving along listening to my Ipod over my subs and tapping to the beat. I was the only one for miles on my side of the road, but there was plenty of traffic on the other side. there was a fella doing about 5 under the speed limit and a speed demon trying to pass him. the speed demon was driving a 2007 GMC Sierra. he saw a small space to pass this guy and floored it. basically the judgement was not there. he didn't look long enough to know that i was going faster than he expected.

    as he was passing this guy i came over a hill and all saw a big GMC grill coming at me. my first instinct was to swerve. so i did. on those 2 lane roads there is deathtrap ditches on either side. this next part really freaks me out to talk about. all i remember seeing and hearing was the gutwrenching screetching sound and the last thing i remember seeing was the rearview mirror tilting to the left and then (not to be dramatic) not much else. of course i got out paying the price. i went to the ER with a busted arm, cuts, and a dislocated shoulder. about 3 months later i met up with the person that the guy in the other truck was passing. he was a very friendly person. i was more furious when i heard the rest of the story. the man that caused the accident saw the truck go bellowing 10 feet in the air in his rearview and basically didn't even touch his brakes. the person being passed followed him enough to get the license plate # and immediately called medics and came back to help. other witnesses said they saw the truck flip 4.5-5 times in the ditch. apparantly Onstar didn't call because there was no airbags deployed. afterwards we found out the guy's name and took him to court. there were 47 witnesses on my side to see the whole thing and i ended up being 100% cleared of fault. :great:the guy was a real jackass. he had an excuse for everything. it was quite a laugh actaully.

    my truck was immediately written off, and i ended up getting a bunch of money for the motor and transmission and nearly $1400 for my entire stereo system. suprisingly because of the witnesses the guy was at fault for poor judgement and fined for speeding by witness statements and leaving the scene of an accident when you're at fault or something like that. so i got a new truck but my arm and shoulder are still a little screwed. every day i go by the accident and see my skidmarks there and think about that day. so that's just my horror story of what happened on that day. cheers! you can share your accidents if you want.
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    wow the guy who made this happen sure deserves anything he got. This is what scares me to drive.
  3. TRPLXL2

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    Wow that gave me goosebumps just reading it! Did you manage to take the supercharger off of your truck, or was it mangled like the rest of the truck? The amazing thing to me is that the grille and front end of your truck seem to be in tact, thankfully you weren't too messed up by the accident.

    Back in 2005 I had just bought a brand new 2500HD with the 6.0, and I was bragging it up at work saying how fast it was. Well one guy I work with wanted to race me after work on the freeway in his Avalanche, it had an 8.1 big block in it but I was still up for the challenge. We were on the on ramp side by side doing about 100, and then when we went to cut into traffic he veered across 4 lanes of traffic and over corrected and he slammed into the jersey barrier. His truck flipped over the barrier into on coming traffic on the other side, and 3 other cars hit his truck and he flew down into a underpass. I managed to get off at the exit, and went under the bridge and found him thrown from the Avalanche about 20 feet away. Believe it or not he lived with only a broken collar bone and hip, he came back to work a year later and now he doesn't talk to me any more. I learned my lesson with racing, I could have killed him but now I don't do that stuff any more. :no:
  4. 09Z71

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    yeah i ended up selling the motor with the supercharger to a guy who had an engine fire and destroyed his motor..... wow! that's a big wreck! i wonder what his wife must've said. i didn't know you could get an 8.1 in a 'lanche. must've been a motor swap.
  5. s5belford

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    I wish there could have been more justice for that jerkoff like him having to replace your truck rather than the insurance company, but either way glad to hear everyone was ok
  6. 09Z71BLKBST

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    Man, that is horrible, at least you are okay and he got sort of what he deserved, and hey you got a new truck out of it...
  7. Padre

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    First, thank God you're ok.

    Second, a testimony to the strength of the GM truck! Rolled that many times, that high in the air, and you lived. Wow.

    Third: what a putz. Did he ever admit he caused the accident? Did he ever acknowledge what he did was wrong?
  8. dsfloyd

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    that sucks. Glad your ok (with minor injuries rather that what could have happened).
  9. TRPLXL2

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    Yes they do make the Avalanche with the 8.1, then again that was an 05' Avalanche so maybe the new ones don't offer it any more. I know that a few member's on here have them as well, Bry2500 has one that came factory with the big block.
  10. 09Z71

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    yeah I'm happier with my new truck now. i drove the freaking hell out of the '05. the day i wrecked it it turned over 200,000 kilometers. well, it had 20,000 on it when i got it. the guy was a loser, i managed to get him to admit he drove off, but he said he didn't have anything to do with the accident. 47 witnesses said he was passing a guy on opposite side of the road and 47 witnesses saw me come over the hill while the guy was passing. that's exactly the reason i got a silverado was the way the '05 held up in the crash. i had a better offer, a 2009 Ford F150 XTR 4x4, about $2,300 less than the Silverado. i mean the Ford is not exactly "ugly" (Silverado has a nicer look........but still) but it just doesn't have the big balls of the Silverado. the way i see it, if you want a nice interior and a nice look with the....err......"innovative" tailgate step buy the Ford. if you want a truck that will get the job done and then some, buy a GM. but back on topic, he did get in trouble for driving off, he got charged in fact. I'm not sure for what infraction because he did not hit me, but it was something like "leaving the scene of an accident you were remotely involved in" :biggrin: i guess the truck held up the way it did because the ground was soft, if i would've rolled on cement it probably would've broken my neck lol.

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