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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by brian704, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. brian704

    brian704 Member

    well i am new of course. i just bought a used 1500 fully loaded 4x4 had a ranch hand bumper and teflon american racing rims with good year AT normal wear and tear for a 4x4. love this truck came with a air in take and flowmasters allready...

    so what do i need to look for on thing going wrong and or things i should do
  2. GMC era

    GMC era Rockstar

    What year and mileage?
  3. brian704

    brian704 Member

    oh sorry

    06 with just under 45000 i dont know how to post pics yet sorry but there are some in my folder
  4. GMC era

    GMC era Rockstar

    Sounds like a nice truck man! Did you know the prev. owner? If not, or if you don't know service records, I would start by changing pretty much all fluids. Drop tranny pan and change filter, rear diff, t-case, oil, radiator. It's good insurance and peace of mind

    With A/T tires, unless they were just put on as a cheaper replacement from a dealer, it probably wasn't wheeled too hard.
  5. dwill3015

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    Nice looking truck Brian!
    To post a picture here in your thread you can either attach the picture using the tools below on your post and it will show up as a thumbnail, or upload them to Photobucket and copy and past the IMG. code in your post like this...

  6. brian704

    brian704 Member


    thanks guys ya i planned on replacing all the fluids and front and rear breaks. that was about it. this truck is just awesome. and so dang big i went from a jeep to this i am not having the best of times parking right now but who cares the front bumpers moves other things out of the way. haha....

  7. MD4x4 Fireman

    MD4x4 Fireman Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Welcome to the site. Cant wait to see pics.
  8. ct9a

    ct9a Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Welcome to the site!
  9. JMoney02

    JMoney02 Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    If you have no records, change the standard stuff to get it on your schedule, so you know when its time to do the next! Keep records so when/if you sell the next owner will thank you. Welcome and enjoy your ride.....

  10. bry2500

    bry2500 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Welcome to the site.Sounds like you got a pretty sweet truck.

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