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    Well its been a while since i posted here and i figured i would give everyone an update on the colorado.... well i found rust about 2 months back and finally go to paint her! i did just about all the work myself except for help from a friend with disassembly and sanding.... i got the paint from and i will say that their paint sprays excellent especcially for my first time shooting metallic base and clear..... so on with the pictures!







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    FINISHED!!! I also scored some ultra rouge's for 8o bux off of cl took alot too get them back to this they were in real rough shape.... the guy rocked them for a winter then put them back in the boxes un washed and threw them in storage for 3 YEARS!!!!!!

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    Great job man!
  3. fiftyfivecents

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    Wow, that must be some serious work. How much time did it take you? I repainted a hood with spray cans from and that took me 4-5 hours in total including all the sanding and everything else. The paint came out great, it was just a bit of work
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    Yeah that had to be a lot of hours! Good pay off though! :)
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    it has been a whiel since I painted anything but I remember the pain that it was then. Great job brother! Very well done!
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    Great looking paint! I've seen some "high" dollar paint jobs that don't look that good!

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    thanks everyone yeah it was a pain! but i am gonna try to do this for a living because i love to paint! lol

    it took me a week of evenings to get it stripped and sanded for primer i hate when **** peels!
  8. Bigbomber

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    WOW! great job on the paint,i really like the color you chose.

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