The post office screwed up delivering my package...

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  1. McClintoc

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    I ordered a new Samsung SSD from Amazon and they shipped it USPS Priority. I put my work office as the delivery location so I would have it in-hand and not have to worry about sitting in my apartment's front office.

    The expected delivery date was this past Wednesday, March 26. Wednesday came and went and no package showed. I didn't get too worried as that was merely the "expected" delivery date and I know things happen. Thursday came and went, no package. Friday came and went, no package. Now I am wondering WTF?

    I put my tracking number into the USPS website and it says my package was delivered this past Thursday. Only problem is, it was delivered to the wrong zip code and the website only provides the zip code to which it was delivered and nothing more. I checked my Amazon receipt and the delivery zip code is correct for my office. USPS screwed up and mis-delivered my package.

    So, what happens now? Anyone ever have to deal with USPS mis-deliveries? I just filed a complaint with USPS via their website but who the heck knows how long that will take. Is there any chance of my package getting to me or will USPS pay for a new SSD or am I SOL?

  2. RayVoy

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    The one time that happened to me, I went through the company I ordered the parcel from (in my case, it was a rife scope). They immediately resent and, I assume, went after UPS. I got the scope and heard no more.
  3. summitwhite11

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    I think you can get results, I watched the UPS delivery person drop two large packages at my neighbors home one day, I called the local ups office and ask if they showed my package as delivered and they stated well you signed for them, thats when I got mad, i had my neighbor phone the office manager and ask why my packages were recently delivered to her home , as she was aware I was home as I had phoned them to ask about my two packages, thats when the manager started to back pedal. so I phoned the corporate office to inquire how we would work this issue out, given I hired them to deliver to my home, and they not only delivered to another residence, but then lied about it, the very next day the local office manager phoned, scheduled an appointment , came to my home to refund my money, and to offer me free shipping on my next three orders. I got a canned we are sorry for the mix up from corporate office in the form of a letter. I wonder how often they just drop stuff and punch in the hand held that they did there job, when really they did not. and I know they work long and hard, but still, no excuse. Good luck Clint, squeek like a loud wheel buddy.
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    It's hard to ignore the cost savings that usps can give to a business when shipping ... Hard to ignore the higher rate of problems in receiving and tracking usps vs. Ups and FedEx though.
  5. Pikey

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    same thing happened to me. except they delivered it 10 houses away to a neighbor that I did not know. They also gave me her package. I was getting ready to walk down to her place when she called me. luckily, my phone number was on the package. I talked to me driver the next day and he said that there was a substitute driver that day. I got a "I'm sorry" call from ups but that was it. The next time my driver came over he said that the sub driver got in tons of trouble. Those tablets have gps trackers on them. if they scan a package at the wrong location, even a house away, it throws red flags. USPS's tracking stinks, it takes forever to update. Most the time the package is at my home when their tracking log shows it in another state.
  6. McClintoc

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    I posted this same thread on a computer tech forum I am on and it's almost a unanimous concensus there that I should contact Amazon and let them know what happened. Everyone says that Amazon will send me a new SSD and then they will deal with USPS and my first package. Guess I'll try that as well. May as well let all parties know.
  7. Crawdaddy

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    I don't have any particular guidance on how to handle a mis-delivered package other than what's already been suggested, but what Samsung SSD did you get? I just got a 250gb EVO840 from Amazon a week or 2 ago and I'm loving every second of it. I don't know how I ever booted off a platter drive...
  8. McClintoc

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    I ordered that exact same one: Samsung EVO840 250GB!

    I currently have a 128GB SSD in my rig but I keep maxing it out so I wanted a bigger one. Going from HDD to SSD is amazing.

    EDIT: I just contacted Amazon. We'll see who responds first: Amazon or USPS.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well, that was fast. I just got a response from Amazon and they are overnighting me a new SSD.
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  9. Crawdaddy

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    They're in the business of making customers happy. They have loss due to factors like that built into the budget. So long as you're not a habitual complainer/loser of packages, they'd rather front you the merchandise and deal with the shipper reimbursement later.

    This was my first SSD, but I have a feeling I'll have several more in my future.
  10. summitwhite11

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    Awesome for Amazon to step up for you, the customer.

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