The right thermostat?

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  1. erikshunn44

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    Hey all,

    Simple question I hope. I'm going to do a coolant flush on the truck and I need to know what temperature thermostat to use. I know its basic...but I am getting conflicting stories on my end on which to use. What (if any) advantages are there to using different temp thermostats? I'm about to make a long haul up to Sequoia, so i need to get this one right.

    It's a 1989 Suburban, 5.7L with less than 100K miles.I've never had any overheating issues in the past, but the coolant is looking pretty gross.


  2. bob13

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    Someone more knowledgeable should chime in here but, I always ran a lower temp thermo for vehicles I used for long trips. 160 or so
  3. Jimmiee

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    Use the thermostat the book calls for. If you use a cooler one your heater will run cooler and in cold conditions your PCM may keep your system in open loop longer resulting in poor gas mileage. Your Powertrain is designed to run at 200+ degrees for optimum engine and emmission performance. jmo
  4. 2COR517

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    x2 what he said

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