The Sh!t List You Get From a Dealer

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by 03HeavyHalf, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. 03HeavyHalf

    03HeavyHalf New Member

    Went and had my truck serviced at a local Chevy dealer, I expected a few simple things, but instead i got this:
    A/C Compressor and belt $1000
    |All four shocks $460
    Both front axle seals $330
    Both sides rear exhaust manifold bolts broken $1030
    Engine oil cooler hose leaking $470
    Auxillary transmission cooler line leaking $200
    Hose from transmission to radiator leaking $250

    Maintenances due
    Driveline service(frt and rear differential and transfer case) $195
    Coolant flush $160
    Brake fluid flush $120
    Transmission fluid service $160
    Fuel Injection service $160
    Power steering fluid service $120
  2. mfleetwood

    mfleetwood Moderator

    Wow....lots of items and very expensive. Was this for your 2003?
  3. 03HeavyHalf

    03HeavyHalf New Member

    Yeah. I was like, wow. This truck has never been beat, sure its gone through a few rough spots but im not bajaing accross logs or rocks. Now alot of the little things i could do myself for little cost. But, the exhaust manifold is a whole other deal.
  4. Bigbomber

    Bigbomber New Member

    I would need a bank loan to get all that done,thats crazy!

    TELORVEHC New Member

    $1030 for broken exhaust manifold bolts?! that's absolutely ridiculous.
  6. murdog94

    murdog94 New Member

    What are they saying is wrong with all of these?? the Ac compressor??? Sounds like the dealer trying to add some money for services that dont need to be done.
    as to the rear exhaust bolts that was a common issue with GM 5.3L and you should be able to find an exhaust shop that can do them for MUCH cheaper if you dont do the work yourself. Because $1K for something like that is rediculous. as to the oil line that is something else that you can do yourself.. Basically i would be calling the service manager and asking how they think $1K in labor is justifiable.. And tell them for that you wil not be returning for them attempting to fleece you like that.
    I hate dealers for this very reason.
  7. Badbrad469

    Badbrad469 New Member

    holy drop your jaw, make u have a heart attack repair bill batman!
  8. dualdj1

    dualdj1 New Member

    wow. I've heard of some dealers shafting people with stuff like this, but that's ridiculous. Is that an estimate, or did they actually do this work?? I would think you'd have some sort of legal recourse if you told them you needed a service, and then they did all this stuff as well without asking.
  9. mfleetwood

    mfleetwood Moderator

    Maybe look into getting some long tube headers. I'm not sure how much they cost, but who knows, maybe with parts and having someone else install may be a cheaper and better way to go vs putting in a couple of manifold you get something new:party:

    The whole list is extremely shocking to me...ouch!
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  10. 03HeavyHalf

    03HeavyHalf New Member

    Yea. The dealership is THE Chevy dealership. Ive met the family boys that run the dealerships and they are cocky rich mofos. And they cam do those prices cause they know alot of people will bend over and take it. But yea, thats dealers for ya. I bought my truck from a small town dealer that was honest. And thanks for the ideas guys on savin money. I got a warranty on my truck but apparently it only covered getting my rear driveshaft carrier bearing done. And its a "Powertrain Warranty" apparently. Can you do long tube headers on a 03 6.0? I thought the sensors and junk would mess it up with no cats?
  11. stephan

    stephan New Member

    I don't want to throw fuel on the fire, or ruin the love affair you have with this dealer, but isn't the engine part of the "power train"? Why aren't your broken exhaust manifold bolts covered under the pt warranty? They aren't a normal wear item (like fluids, clutches, filters etc that wouldn't normally be covered) Warranty covers "breakage" These bolts are broken aren't they? I would read your pt warranty & see if for some reason they are excluded due to being part of the exhaust system, & if they're not excluded I'd go talk to the service manager again.

    **re your ques above: You can run cats with headers
  12. 03HeavyHalf

    03HeavyHalf New Member

    Im gonna call the dealership i bought the truck from soon. I didnt buy the truck from the big dealership i went to a small town dealer that specializes in trucks. The service guy at the big dealership said he called the warranty company wouldnt cover any of that stuff. bunch of BS.
  13. murdog94

    murdog94 New Member

    YEs big time BS.. ive been thru the same with my 02 Z71 when i had it. And yes as stephan said you can run cats and all the 02 sensors with long tubes the problem is finding a company that makes them,
  14. 03HeavyHalf

    03HeavyHalf New Member

    Sounds good. What would that do to the tone of my exhaust? and any suggestions on companies?
  15. egreg

    egreg New Member

    I don't think $1000 is outrageous for the broken exhaust manifold bolts, and I'll tell you why. Usually, a few more bolts will break when removing the stock manifolds. There's no way to avoid this. Chevy used cheap bolts that were not durable enough to withstand the extreme heat and abuse from the exhaust. If a bolt breaks off flush to the head or too close to get a vice onto, the head must be removed and sent to a machine shop. The broken bolts will have to be removed or drilled out (by whatever means they prefer to remove them), and new threads will have to be tapped if the bolt(s) had to be completely drilled out. This is a very time consuming and precise job, and you pay for that. You're paying for: the dealer or mechanic's removal of the manifold(s) and heads, the trip to the machine shop and all of the labor at the machine shop, the trip back to the shop, a new headgasket and reinstallation of the heads, and, finally, the reinstallation of the manifolds with new studs or bolts. None of these steps are trivial, and this can get very costly depending on what snags they encounter along the way.
  16. dualdj1

    dualdj1 New Member

    have they really gotten that bad on the quality of their bolts? I mean i just pulled the manifolds off my van, which have probably been on it for 15 years through all sorts of weather, and while they were rusted to hell I still was able to get them off without breaking any (yes you do have to be careful and work them a little sometimes, but it's definitely doable).

    I still don't like it when they quote things that way, and just say it's gonna be X amount without any explanation of what it's going to involve.

    @OP, is your Warranty through an external company, or is it through GM? Because as Stephan said, if it's a GM powertrain warranty I'd think that should be covered
  17. KyleZ71

    KyleZ71 New Member

    Im sorry 1000 bucks for broken manifold bolts is bs. I had 5 broken, no leak, and and had three estimates. 900, 700, and 270. And this is including installing my shorties. The guy who said 270, looked at it and said no problem. He was done in an hour n a half. His shop is part time welding so he knew what he was doing. Look around so you don't get shafted.
  18. egreg

    egreg New Member

    Yes, it looks like it's just NBS 5.3's that have the problem, but I could be wrong. See this thread (there is a video linked in that post).

    ---------- Post added at 08:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:53 PM ----------

    Kyle, your bolts probably didn't break off flush with the head; thus, the mechanic did not need to remove the heads and have the bolts drilled out and have new threads tapped at a machine shop. Your mechanic probably welded new heads on the exposed part of the bolt and cranked them right out. Unfortunately, the bolts broke flush to the head when I had this problem, so I had to have a machinist work on my heads.
  19. dualdj1

    dualdj1 New Member

    hmmm now I see what the deal is. It would be hard to do, and it *may* not work, but I have heard of a solution from some experts before if you don't want to risk breaking the bolts.

    On very rusty/stuck bolts, you can melt candle wax along the bolt, and it will help work the bolt loose. This is a trick nascar guys have used for years (or so I was told). It was demonstrated on a bolt that was so stuck the head broke off. The guy then heated it with a torch and melted wax in around the bolt/threads and let it sit for a few. Got a vice grips on the bolt and worked it right out.

    I have yet to try it myself, so I don't know if there are any additional tricks to make it work the best, but It's handy to know at any rate. With the way those manifolds sit and are bolted up, you may be able to get get the engine good and hot and melt some wax in around the block/manifold joint to help get them out. Might work, might not. at any rate if you can get the manifold out of there and have a broken nub left, you should be able to get the nub out that way without pulling the head, supposing it's not broke off flush. Even then there are some easy out type tools that still might be able to remove the broken piece, without the need to pull the head.

    Do these trucks have aluminum heads? Are there some different bolts to use when replacing that do not rust/corrode?
  20. stephan

    stephan New Member

    The wax is an interesting idea. Does it work better than wd-40 or some of the other rust dissolvers/inhibitors? I think all manuf. could do owners & mechanics a service by using antiseize on ALL studs/bolts whether they're in aluminum or cast iron.

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