The Shrinking Oil Filter

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by Tom Evans, Apr 21, 2014.

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    61E filter
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    No "E" for me. Seems a lot of the AC/Delco filters are coming out with an "E" suffix variant.....this version is environmentally friendly and designed with more fragile materials to degrade much faster in landfills. I stocked up on 4 dozen of the PF48s to cover the life of my Avys before they go to an E version. Given the track record of automobile components designed to last the life of the vehicle that fail prematurely.....the last thing I want is to use a filter with a media, relief valve and/or shell made with a minimum amount of materials and/or materials designed to fall apart with age.

    There are many posts that a larger PF61 will fit in place and is an adequate retrofit for the PF48. Evidently the stock 48 continues to be adequate for the engine ....the 61 may have been designed for another or newer GM engine with tight access where the extra length of the external can is need to remove easily but with the exact overall specs i.e. inside the can is the same short media or longer media with less pleats to give the same exact surface area of media and filter capacity.

    I've yet to see any evidence proving overall size matters and the 61 will outperform the stock 48. Any one ever cut open a 61 compared to a 48 or have proof there is actually more square footage of equivalent media inside?

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