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  1. ahmitchell1

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    Everyone older in my family was in the military including my dad(marines veitnam), the rule is only military tattoos so I am unlinked at the moment but I'm greeting on for 3 of my buddies who have died haven't finished it yet when I do I'll post
  2. Drake_korthos

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    Looks like two tats, but they're actually a combination of 5:
    Dream Catcher.jpg
    The wolf was originally flash art, but I had the rest designed around it. The dream catcher with the wolf are kind of like my guardians to my idea of tranquility (the snowy mountains with the lake on a starry night), and nothing can get to my "happy place" without first going through them. The Eagle was seen as being wise as he can see great distances. The feather denotes clear sight (knowing where I wanna go, and the obstacles in the way), while the arrow heads remind me that you're never just handed everything you want. Sometimes you have to fight to get what you want, while other times you must defend what you already have. Needless to say, I put a lot of thought into this one!

    The shark started off as my very first tattoo, the solid tribal was the second, and the stonework was the third. I was only 18 when I got the shark and somehow had figured that it would be perfect to get before joining the Navy (I still don't know what the hell I was thinkin!). The tribal came when I read about the Island pacific tribes, and how they viewed tribal tattooing as spiritual armor. Figured I'd combine the "essence" of the shark into my spiritual armor (i know it doesn't work if it's not traditionally done, but I'm happy with it!) for all the protection I can get while floatin in the middle of the Pacific! The stonework tribal was an extension of the original, but I wanted something a little more meaningful in it. Stone's hard, you build things on it. I was the mentor and "rock" for 6 people in Monterey. But like any person and thing in nature, I have my flaws as well (the cracks). I may have been a mountain to those kids, but even I needed some support now and again!

    Well that's pretty much it for mine! I have some ideas for a grey scale back piece, but that'll be a few years from now! Keep the photo's and stories comin!
  3. Red Z71 Max

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    I have a couple more but no picts of them. The Tiger is a symbol of power and might. The Dragon means courage and strength and the Koi Fish is for determination and ability to reach high goals.
  4. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    RED, You're back!! I was wondering where you'd gone off to. Nice ink btw. Good to see you've returned. Don't be a stranger.

    And I think this is becoming one of my favorite threads.
  5. Keeper 76

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    This my Grandparents Clan Badge as it is called. This pic is about 1.5 years old, i have since got plenty more work done on this arm so will try and find more recent pics and get them up! I got this one after long thought as to how to pay my respects to two people who are so very near and dear to me! Sault Ste. Marie-20110303-00186.jpg
  6. MoBillyAla

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    Going to try to link to a pic on my profile of my back.. also got half sleeves too numerous to really describe but the left arm is black and gray with all skulls as the theme and the right arm is color and mostly a Japanese Koi and dragon along with some other stuff thrown in...
    Nothing with too deep of meaning I just like really wicked tattoos.. Good thread keep 'em posting
  7. Red Z71 Max

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    That is some really tight work @xsparky . Where did you get it done and who was the artist?
  8. xsparky

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    I got at Lucky Lady Tattoo in Kansas City Mo. The artist Name is Trivey Ortega He is no longer with and I have know clue we he is at now witch sucks because he very good. Has a very light hand. He has done work on my wife and she hates needles and she it said it did not hurt like the other work she has. And by the way I have 5 other Tatts but no pics of them. The one everybody likes is my fav. have over 11 hrs. of chair time all to gather the dragon was 5 hrs. the the koi fish clouds and water 4hrs. +. And thanks everybody for the the compliments.
  9. Coach24

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    Nice art work. Maybe we can combine this thread with the older one so they are all in the same place. Not sure if it can be done but it would be easier to find them all at once rather than jumping from one to another.
  10. ejohnson03

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    Got ink to show my love for my 76 Impala...

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