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  1. dfhollums

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    You all know what is cool? People that take these C4500/C5500 crew cab chassis' and put the 1-ton dooley bed on them, makes me want one. Has anyone seen this truck with the back 1/3 of a Suburban grafted in behind the rear doors? That would be the ultimate Suburban.
  2. barefoot greg

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    havent seen one of them yet but a couple months back i had the idea to put the body of a chevy express on the topkick chassis. basically the same idea but youd have more headroom i think.

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    the body on these trucks has the same doors as the express van so i think the body is the same size and shape so attatching the ass end of a van should line up rather nicely
  3. ChevyFan

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    huh, let's see some photos of this. I've seen some in the past, would like to see another few photos of them put up here.
  4. Enkeiavalanche

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    This was made up at Valanca in the Bronx. They do my custom work like on my hood and my past trucks.. Look at the front end..[​IMG]Good Hood was bolted on, along with the Valanca fiberglass front bumper cover. A billet grille and clear foglights complete the front-end treatment. Before any pigments were applied, Louis and Larry also added a full Valanca body kit including side skirts and rear bumper cover. With the body in order, the Tahoe was rolled into the paint booth, where over 500 hours were spent perfecting the tear-away, snake, and two-tone graphics. ICI Auto Color paint was used, with the palette ranging from orange pearl to white - with silver, red, yellow, gray, and blue also used. After seven coats of clear and a thorough wet-sanding, the Tahoe was rolled out of the Valanca paint booth and rolled onto the lift.While up in the air, a McGaughys 2/4 lowering kit was installed using front drop spindles and rear coils. With the air tools out, the Valanca crew added Baer EradiSpeed 14-inch rotors, front and rear. Before the Tahoe was placed back on the ground, Boze 22x10-inch six-speed wheels were bolted up, with 305/40R22 Toyo Proxes tires mounted to each hoop.
    Looking killer on the outside, the Valanca team knew it was now time to make the inside look just as custom. After the dash bezel was sanded smooth and painted orange a custom fiberglass center console was built and painted to match. Valanca then installed the Eclipse navigation and DVD player head unit in the stock location and filled the stock speaker locations with JL Audio separates. Moving to the rear, two JL Audio amps power four 8-inch JL Audio W7 subwoofers that are mounted in a 1-inch-thick plexiglass enclosure. Six Icon monitors sprinkled throughout provide visual entertainment, while a PlayStation 2 and an Xbox give the passengers some gaming options. Godfrey and Son, in the Bronx, wrapped the factory seats in two-tone gray leather with orange suede inserts and also added the gray suede headliner. B&I Trim painted the steering wheel orange to finish off the interior.
    Powering this customized Tahoe is a 5.3L V-8 equipped with a MagnaCharger supercharger pushing 7 psi of atmosphere into the cylinders. Gibson headers and a Gibson 3-inch exhaust help expel the burnt fuel and provide the 425hp powerplant with a rumble. On the underside of the Keystone hood lies a Valanca-applied painted mural that goes to show the amount of detail each vehicle receives.

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  5. dfhollums

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    Hey Greg I look forward to seeing the photos of your project.
  6. Pikey

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    I too want to see photos

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