The Worst Radio I've Owned

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by woodydel, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. woodydel

    woodydel New Member

    First I like my 2007 Silverado new body style truck. Good power, GREAT gas mileage etc etc. but the radio stinks.

    I've owned many cars and trucks in my lifetime. I understand how to adjust radios for sound output. I read manuals like I'm reading a bible. Each vehicle can have little operating differences.

    The rear speakers on my Silverado do nothing. When I use the fader function to full rear, the sound is barely detectable. Without touching the volume control the front speakers are working at normal levels. I've used faders in all my radios in this way: I adjust the fader to move the center of sound between full front to full rear. Most times I leave it dead center between front and rear. If there is no sound coming from the rear speakers nearly equivilent to the front speaker output, fader control is simply not working.

    Several trips to different dealers returns the same idiotic result. They compare what sound is being generated by my truck to another truck with the same specifications.

    There are no radios made that don't function with the fader having nearly equal output available at the front and rear speakers. Even cheap Walmart radios function in this way.

    Today the service department told me that the radios are functioning as designed. This is a lie. Chevrolet is hiding a flaw in their radios. It's going to cost them big bucks to replace them all.

    I don't have a basic radio. I have Onstar with navigation.

    I've seen too many of these trucks with these crummy radio here on Long Island in NY by demonstration through these "service" departments.

    To top it off the front speaker output is murky. Too much base when announcers talk on FM. I have to turn down the base to easily understand what people are saying unless I raise the volume to approximately 3/4.

    Every GM product I've owned and own now except for this truck have had acceptable radios.

    Something is wrong.
  2. unplugged

    unplugged Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I have an 06 with XM and OnStar and the stereo rocks! Sounds like they dropped the ball on the 07's.
  3. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    What's the configuration of your cab? You have the XM / Navigation touch screen upgrade stereo?

    I've been in several of the '07s, including a variety of radio configurations. On a couple of them there were better EQ options than on others, one has a button for "TALK", and I assume you can save EQ settings, but I haven't checked into too much.
  4. woodydel

    woodydel New Member

    Worst Radio

    My description of the fader function is my main concern. I do not have the touch screen version. I do have equalizer customization. None of the standard presets for the equalizer fully alliviates the excessive bass in mostly men's voices as they speak. The murky voices are the minor problem.

    The rear speakers in every single car I have ever owned and currently own have output nearly as great as the front speakers. If the fader is adjusted full forward all of the output of the radio is directed to the front speakers. If the fader is adjusted to full rear all of the output of the radio is directed to the rear speakers. In both situation the volume is equivalent or nearly so.

    In my radio and nearly every other extended cab with the same type radio with two front speakers, two rear speakers and two tweeters alongside the windshield do not function as I just described. If the fader is adjusted to full rear you will be hard pressed to detect any sound and if you do hear anything it's only after adjusting the volume to maximum.

    I would appreciate anyone trying full fader to the rear to describe what they hear. If the sound is nearly as loud as the front speakers when the fader is adjusted fully to the front I'd like to hear about it.

    My thinking is that Chevy screwed up on these radios and is stonewalling anyone "dumb" enough to complain.

    To hear dealers stand there and say they hear the rear speakers working and in one case state "working as designed" is more than frustrating. I've met with this type of denial from a dealer on other vehicles and have always proved my case but this situation is absolutely crazy.

    If I had the basic radio, I would not be complaining.

    Again, I'm asking anyone with an 07 reading my post to try full fader to the rear speakers and to let me know the results.
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  5. carguy530

    carguy530 New Member

    I have no idea what the problem is.....but since I am awaiting the arrival of my 08 I do have a it the bose package with the 12 speakers?
    I ordered the truck never having been in one let alone test driven.
    I am hoping that this will be the best Chev I have owned yet.
  6. woodydel

    woodydel New Member

    This is what I've found out. Six dealerships and 7 times explaining the problem with the radio, finally a service manager listened to me and is replacing the radio AFTER I demonstrated a properly functioning 08 radio right next to my 07 truck. He was going to use the 08 truck to demonstrate how my radio was working the same as the 08. The differences were so obvious I thought he was nuts except he instead listened to my explanation of how the radios were different and the light suddenly turned on in his head. The fog lifted and he actually learned something.

    From what I've seen, the mechanics know nothing about radios. Especially these radios which are so integrated into the truck that they have to special order a replacement. All they seem to know is how to hook up the truck to diagnostics, maybe let GM update software and maybe select a couple of radio programming options. When the radio doesn't work they'll call GM who will tell them to compare the sound to another truck. Guess what. GM is full of bull. They've got a slew of radios out there that do not work properly. I've witnessed enough junk radios in these trucks functioning like mine while battling with these "techs". They know NOTHING. They have no idea how stupid it sounds to hear one say "well, I downloaded the programming and it still sounds the same so I guess that's how it works"

    I guarantee you that Chevy knows they produced a slew of defective radios and john q public is too stupid to know the difference or went to dealers listening to the con job excuses and gave up. Well this "sucker" is going to make waves. I predict there will be a recall after I'm done with them. The problem is with the amplifier in the radio.

    Faders on ALL FM stereo radios are capable of nearly the same output to the rear as the front speakers. Even the cheapest Walmart radio works this way as I've stated before. They HAVE TO or there is no fader function possible.

    Anyone thinking to tell me that I have a unique situation with my truck will be making a false assumption. I've WITNESSED too many defective radios mal functioning like mine. This bull about "it's working as designed" is just that, a bull story being given out by Chevrolet and the "techs" actually believe them!!!

    If there are any techs here getting all uppity about what I'm saying, where's your reply to my post asking for help?

    I love my truck but this radio business is ridiculous.
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  7. omegafiler

    omegafiler Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    Well, glad they're getting it taken care of. But I gotta say, after personally spending quite a bit of time on varoius truck forums, I've seen very little to no complaints at all regarding a factory stereo not working correctly - especially with the new GMT-900's. Most "issues" have to do with folks trying to swap out stereos or rig their equipment to do something crazy. Or with older factory stereos, perhaps an LED goes out, or the CD player gets dirty and/or stops working after awhile... So I've gotta imagine your particular issue wasn't exactly at the top of the dealer's list of "common issues." :)

    Now, complaints about audio quality... sure. But at least they're "working as designed." Not to mention, you're average driver could care less about audio quality. As long as there isn't lots of static, they're happy!

    But if you're issue is indeed rather common, I guess most folks don't notice and/or care. :cool:
  8. ssred

    ssred New Member

    2007 sierra am/fm radio

    Mine is the same, no quality gone into the stereo, back speakers are almost none existent.:gasp:
  9. BigBlueLB756

    BigBlueLB756 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I love it when an old topic resurrects itself.
  10. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Loving the Outdoors Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    My 08 with the Bose system sounds very good for stock.. And those that know me I always upgrade my systems..This time I only added HD and Sirius Radio..

    Do you have the RSE system? Some people have the headphone button pushed in and don't know it...

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