Them ugly jump seat-backs. I nixxed mine.

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by killbucket, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. killbucket

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    Since there's no back seat in my truck anymore, I needed to get rid of the seat-backs, or find a way to hide the holes they'd leave behind. I went about half each way.
    Once you unbolt the lower parts of the seats, the "upper seat back" parts can be simply pulled away at the top, and lifted out.
    The stock covers are just velcro'd on, and very easy to strip off.

    The inner structure is the two back parts here, I'm going to use some .063" thick ABS sheet to "skin" them to match the pebble grain in the rest of the interior.

    YAY! ABS is what they're made of, no bonding hassles here.

    A liberal application of ABS cement, making sure I got out to the edges.

    The edges are heated and bent over, and trimmed.

    And the corners carefully rolled.

    Finished one, and then made the dupe for the other side.

    What the reverse side looks like.

    Snapped into place, it looks like a matching part.
    Note: these parts are contoured to the cab wall, they weren't warped by this process.

    Took about an hour to make both sides. I need to find some suitable paint to match them in with.
  2. TRPLXL2

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    That looks pretty good actually, very inventive idea. I know that's the first time I have ever seen that done before, I don't know If I would paint them though. That texture looks very ruff, and it looks like a pain to paint. Are you going to do anything with that center panel that's open, there is a cover that covers that isn't there? I love that stereo setup, it looks like a small block Chevy sitting back there. I am not a fan of aftermarket stereo's, but that setup I could for just out of the coolness factor. :great:
  3. TritonBoulder47

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    Very nice... Looks like a great place to mount an amp or 2... :great::great:
  4. killbucket

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    I'm considering making them into one continuous panel by filling in the center section. I have put the little stock cover back on for now (that's where a kiddy seat would anchor to).

    Although the material looks rougher than the interior, it's a fairly close match in texture. The black ABS plastic is shiny, so it looks "harder". Once I color-match them, they'll blend right in with the stock polypropylene parts.

    NORMSCOLORADO Rockstar 100 Posts

    hey man have you shown them the rest of the truck yet!
  6. killbucket

    killbucket Rockstar 100 Posts

  7. Stealth

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    I don't know if you plan on putting anything on the new covers (which look awesome) but why not cover them with the truck's name?

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