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    This is definitely the place to go for those of you who really get into washing/cleaning/detailing all that jazz. They have good prices and really good quality products. From my experience and others I have read about, they always throw in a freebie with your order! They have a 30 dollar minimum order, but thats well worth it, especially when you factor in a freebie and FREE shipping to the lower 48. My first order was 2 20x40 dry me a river jr drying towels, 16x16 glass and window microfiber towel, wash mitt, 3x5 waffle weave sponge, and they added a dusting mitt. I have used everything that I got and it all is just as good as advertised. The dry me a river towel is amazing, I have used several different towels, chamois, and the like. This towel has been by far the best I have used. I can do over half my truck without ringing it out. The glass towel made window cleaning as simple as I'd like to think it should be. It really glides across the glass and doesn't leave streaks at all.

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