They Broke in to my Truck......

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by schmule, Sep 8, 2012.

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  3. I have a kleinn train horn installed in my truck and when my alarm goes off it wakes houses up for blocks and I have plasmaglow led strobe kit so it really brings attention to truck when alarm goes off lol .. Train horn was great investment
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    Haha Just added train horn to the list of improvements.

    I got the Jimmy Jammers at a local truck store, also the jimmy jammers web site sells a plug to cover up the key hole which is similar to the kit you can install to remove the lock all together. If it looks more difficult to break in then that is fine with me. Looking at the Viper 2 way although Auto Tech or something of the sort was said by the salesmen to be just as good. I am to the point I would rather them bust out the window than the lock and door though. Looking like $1,000 or so to repair, although my insurance will cover after the $500 Deductible.

    To add insult to injury though the next morning I woke up to find tread separation to the front tire..... Soooo guess who spent $700 on new tires this morning....I need a second job just for my truck repairs and upgrades.
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    It was more of a joke than an actual suggestion.
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    It seems Murphy's law strikes again :grrrrrr:
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    Look on ebay they have had glass breaking sensors they even have one if someone gets to close to your ride the alarm will go off.

    I was thinking of placing a strobe light when my doors were opened along with my alarm and running a switch to over ride the light when I wanted to that would get them to run and leaving a radar detector is asking for trouble and in the direct sun it will go bad mount it up high by your windshield tint and remove when getting off truck.

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