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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by allen2m4, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. allen2m4

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    i have the thinking blue...mainly because im over in iraq tryin to spend money on my project truck, but im drawing a blank on some stuff. so i need some feed back and suggestions if anybody doesnt mind( havnt had the truck long so my knowledge of its past is a bit unkown)
    #1 i need a locking rear dif. dont kno what size came in the truck have never pulled it i kno its a 10 bolt
    #2 any suggestions on a trans its runnin a 700r4(on its last leg). might swap into a 6speed
    #3 swaped over to a corvette lt1 thinkin about puttin a turbo on it(being as its cheaper to build)
    #4 its been airbagged and notched in the rear with a 4 link.
    alot of other things also. if u guys want sum pictures i can do that, it pretty much needs paint and it would be a sharp daily truck. has all the good stuff, one touch up and down windows,cold ac,digital dash,bucket seats...lots of stuff..just need some fresh ideas

    o yea and this is my first post this forum so i just wanted to say HOWDY!
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  2. tlperry68

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    Welcome o the site. Tell us what year and model the truck is. I am having a posi rear end installed soon on my truck. I don't know which one the mechanic is ordering (he says its the best one I can get).
  3. allen2m4

    allen2m4 New Member

    92 chevy 1500

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