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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Cory315, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Cory315

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    hey guys, i was wondering if anyone could help me out. i'd really like to supercharge my 06 silverado 5.3 but im not real sure how to go about it. anyone that has put one in their truck- what else do you need as far as beefing up the motor, and what did it cost after install...the finished product. also what kind of gains did you get? and how bad does it make your fuel milage?

    im basically shooting in the dark with this so any info or suggestions are appriciated
  2. zippy

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    What do want from a supercharger?

    Welcome aboard!

    Before anyone can give you any suggestions, you need to provide some additional info. Like, what you trying to accomplish: quicker acceleration, higher top end, stronger towing, or just smoke your tires and look cool. Also, you have to be very realistic about your budget, up front.

    Since you're inexperienced, IMHO, I suggest you consider a name brand turn-key kit. There are just too many variables (and ways to go wrong) for a novice to consider putting a system together from scratch. Also, assuming you want to drive on the street, to be smog legal you need to have a system that has been approved in it's totality. Perhaps you should peruse a site like superchargersonline to get an understanding of what's currently available and the investment involved.
  3. Davandy

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    Welcome to the site :sign0016:
  4. omegafiler

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    Welcome to the forum! There is definately a bit to know about forced induction setups. You might even want to consider a Turbo. There have been some very nice kits out recently that tend to not only be cheaper than the Superchargers but put as much if not more HP/TQ.

    Personally, I'd find a reputable performance shop that works with your type of engine on a regular basis. And talk to them, see what they do for ya. If you tell us where you're at, perhaps somebody can even recommend a place for ya.
  5. Cory315

    Cory315 New Member

    thanks for the advice guys. its much appriciated. basically im looking for power off the line- not so much towing or top end speed. the only worry i have is price. i know about what a SC will be but im unsure about everything else to beef up the motor and trans(if it even needs its). i live near daytona FL so if anyone knows a good preformance shop....

    again, thanks for the warm welcome and advice!
  6. zippy

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    If there isn't a good performance shop in DAYTONA, Fla., then there's something drastically wrong with this country and the presidential candidates need to be made aware of the situation!!!
  7. ppettit2005

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    umm... I haven't installed one, but there are two types out there; centrifugal type and screw type. The centrifugal type looks like a turbo charger only it's connected to either the serpentine belt assembly or a seperate v-belt instead of being connected to the exhaust. The screw type is the big thing that sits on top of the intake manifold like the one used on the interceptor in mad-max (thats actually a weiand twin screw unit for a ford). There are a bunch of companies that produce each type, companies like weiand and edelbrock build the screw type ones for engines like the one your talking about. They're a good bet, they're more expensive and require more engine modification like a stronger set of connecting rods and high flow exhaust and all all of this other stuff, but they give you more power. the centrifugal type are normally cheaper and easier to install because they don't require you to replace as much existing stuff that's already on the motor (maybe just a high flow set of headers), but they give you somewhat less power (on the upside though, they are lighter and therefore about the same as screw types in terms of relative speed and power gain). a good company that builds centrifugal type superchargers for the 5.3 is probably pro-charger, but I haven't looked at their catalog in a while. in the end though you probably will have to re-inforce your transmission in some way that will keep the higher output of your motor from tearing it up. If you have a 4L80E automatic transmission, start looking up companies that sell products that increase shift firmness and higher strength torque converters, these will help reduce or eliminate damage to your transmission once your motor is supercharged. Also if you have 4x4 then you will probably have to replace your transfer case with something stronger or else when in 4x4 the higher torque and higher horsepower movements of your your engine will definitely tear up your transfer case. if you have a manual trnasmission, then just go for a beefier and stronger manual gearbox (hopefully with 5-6 speeds) along with a transfer case if you also have 4x4.

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