thinking about running bigger injectors for E85

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Josh, Mar 21, 2012.

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    so gas here is pushin 4.00. i see these 3.10 3.00 3.30 e85 prices everywhere. now heres what i know. e85 cleans any and all crap out of your system. my gas lines and tank are all like new looking so i dont have to worry about rusted lines being ate through over time. secondly more fuel to run properly means you do use more fuel. but being i work my truck, pull, haul landscaping pavers,wall material. gas mileage isnt good the way it is. so why not make the fuel cheaper. ill be using a lil more but why not at least make it cheaper per fill up. all the ignition is new. plugs wires cap rotor. tons of new sensors. runs great. runs just as good as it does new at 238k. doesnt burn oil tick knock nothin. fresh oil change etc etc. what would be the size injector that is 30 percent more fuel. and what else would i need. im thinkin this is a good time to swap to a brand new oem delphi pump. no aftermarket pump. just a new pump. fuel filter is brand new. any input helps. i think i saw injectors from venom a while back. my 91 mustang was a straight swap from 19lb to 32lb injectors and it ran e85. thats all it took. will this truck need a different tune or no being its just more fuel no timing change.
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    This is a cool idea. There is a few things you might want to look into further though. If i'm not mistaken I think the vehicles that come flex fuel has higher flow fuel pumps over a regular stock pump. Also I know you said your lines are clean but I heard you have to have different lines because that fuel will eat through( not 100% sure though). You shouldn't need a different tune but I would say it'd probably increase horsepower and mileage if you did! How much are bigger injectors? Also what truck are you running??

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