Thinking of dumping a 07 5.3 Silverado?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by NRAsticker, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. NRAsticker

    NRAsticker Rockstar

    Go for it! The dealership will give you a sob story about the bad sounds you will get when you cut to 4 cylinders. Yeah its noticable, but only if your listening for it. Kinda just sounds like a lower rougher idle. Thats it. Definetly not bad enough to buy official GM exhaust. When running pipes out the back, they require that the spare tire be removed. Smart thinking there. Plus, it was 740$ just to order thru parts dept, not counting install. If you love loud exhaust, I say go for dumps. On my 98 2 Door 5.7 Tahoe I had true dual Flowmaster 40s I have single Flow 40 one in/two out dumped at the front of the wheelwell. Badass sound, hella interior resonance (i like that) and they will definetly hear you coming. Pics soon.
  2. D13TRY1N6

    D13TRY1N6 New Member

    my buddy has a 5.3L Silverado dumped and it sounds very "low"..u dont get that Roar like you would with An Electric my opinion sounds even better especially when its opened,it sounds like a open head camero and when closed back to My Flowmaster 40 Series Rumble.when opened an est.10hp is gained instantly and top end is gained but u lose some low end.QTP and DHM makes these Electric Cutouts for around 150.00 its pretty easy to install i did my own.
  3. NRAsticker

    NRAsticker Rockstar

    whered u put it?
  4. finalday7

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    I have to say the cut-outs are the way to go. I loved having a super aggresive sounding truck when I was traveling in the city but on those long highway hauls just having a little less noise is a welcomed relief. I picked up a manual cut-out from summit for 28 bucks.
  5. NRAsticker

    NRAsticker Rockstar

  6. dwill3015

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    Pretty sweet looking! How does it sound?
  7. NRAsticker

    NRAsticker Rockstar

    :great sounds frickin awesome
  8. NRAsticker

    NRAsticker Rockstar

    :great: sounds frickin awesome...not as loud as my 98 5.7 tahoe true dual dumped, but its a start
  9. hutchman

    hutchman New Member

    I must be getting old........when I read the title of this thread, I thought you were going to sell your 07 for some reason....oh well, bring on the rocking chair!
  10. Cableguy

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    Thats funny I thought so to at first. Grab a rockin' chair for me too. :lol:

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