thinking of going on a road trip thins summer

Discussion in 'North America - Southwest USA' started by poncho08, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. poncho08

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    im thinking of going on a road trip to texas this summer from northern bc canada any ideas on where to go? i thinking to take 4 days to get down there and would not mind to take two weeks to drive around and take in the sites and mybe the odd clube or soo. thanks and any ideas would be grate.
  2. MWright936

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    Well, I think you should make a point to see the Alamo. It's a very historical site and is really interesting. Another place is the Big Bend area. It's absolutely gorgeous. I've been there a couple times. Those are just two things that pop into my head. This state is so big, there are tons of things to see and do!
  3. tbplus10

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    If you want clubs Austin is great, a very big blues scene down there.
    The River Walk in San Antonio is good, you can go north of San Antonio and ride tubes down the river.
    Corpus Christi is fun also.
  4. retired2001

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    South Padre Island is usually a good trip. I like visiting Galveston, but Ike tore it up pretty bad. I'm sure they will be working on getting it ready for tourists by Summer. Ditto on Austin (clubs & music), San Antonio (Alamo&River Walk), Hill Country (tubing the river). "It's ALL Good!", come on down!
  5. tlperry68

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    Try the Mojave Trail this summer in Soutern California. 138 miles of off road fun. No clubs though but on your way Lauglin Nevada.
  6. poncho08

    poncho08 Rockstar 100 Posts

    thax ill put them on the list but need more syuff to fil two weeks. lol any unknown places that are cool and some half desint camp grounds?
  7. cdvntx

    cdvntx Rockstar

    Well, since Texas has every kind of geological terrain except for ice tundra; it's kind of up to you what you're looking for. West Tx has desert and mountains with an oasis here and there. Marfa is famous for it's Marfa lights. Panhandle has the Palo Duro Canyon. North central Tx is plains with the DFW metroplex, good for culture, museums, and nightlife. East Tx has pine forests, great for camping. Lake Sam Rayburn is big and beautiful. Central Tx has beautiful hills and scenery. There's Enchanted Rock, a huge piece of granite sticking out of the earth. Quite a site and fun to climb. The Gulf Coast is nice and the further south you go the prettier the water.
    Points of interest:
    1. Hamilton's Pool Central Tx
    2. Barton Springs Central Tx
    3. Davis Observatory West Tx
    4. Rafting on the Guadelupe River Central Tx. Subject to rainfall.
    5. World class museums DFW
    6. Many great lakes throughout the state
  8. phoebeisis

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    TX is a huge state-I drive across it both ways at least once a year going from New Orleans to Flagstaff AZ.
    Many folks have mentioned some good places to see.
    Now, if you are driving all the way from Canada, you might want to drive to Arizona and see the Grand Canyon-it is like nothing on earth.Yes, there are crowds, but it is so spectacular it overwhelms the crowds.

    If you do go via I-40- you can also see meteor crater outside Flagstaff AZ. It is just what it sounds like. There are also lots of cliff dwellings in AZ,NM etc.

    Have fun-plenty of great rest stops in TX, so plenty of places to stop to stretch your leg, bathroom , etc.
  9. 04sierracrewcab

    04sierracrewcab Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    X2 on the tubing.. Garner State Park!!! :)

    South Padre is nice...
    Galveston is not that bad.. it will be just fine for the summer.. I drove down (30 min) a few weeks ago..

    Blazing Star RV resort is a very nice campground in San Anton.

    Basdrop State park is nice, allong with McKenney Falls sp.. both in the Austin area..

    Houston has some great shopping and clubs..

    Rayford Crossing RV Resort is in the Woodlands (Spring TX) Is our favorite weekend get a way.. very nice park lots to do and is a short distance from many things to do.

    What do you and whomever is going plan on doing down here, besides sweat!? lol

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