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Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by Kraziken, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Kraziken

    Kraziken New Member

    I have a '98 1500. Thinking about trading up to a 2002-2006 2500.

    Any owners here with the 8.1? I actually don't need that much power. I would prefer a 6.0 motor, but there is one Burb in a lot that has sat for over a month. The price keeps dropping. Only thing holding me back from looking at is the 8.1. I'm afraid it is a huge gas hog.

    Any info would be appreciated.

  2. pmf608

    pmf608 New Member

    I don't have any experience with the 8.1 specifically, but my work truck is an F350 with the 7.5L Ford big block. For big block engines in general, gas mileage is going to be pretty low. If you're concerned about that, I'd probably suggest avoiding the 8.1. From what I've heard, it seems like you can expect a maximum of 11-12 MPG on the highway without a load.
  3. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member

    You should change your avatar from a dog to a blue oval. Traitor!
  4. janikphoto

    janikphoto New Member

    Gas prices will only continue to go up!
  5. pmf608

    pmf608 New Member

    :lol: It serves its purpose, and if I can find the right cummins engine for sale to swap at some point, it will become a decent truck to drive. Today I get to see if it will actually start after sitting since the end of september.

    And [MENTION=50075]SurrealOne[/MENTION] what's up with your signature? :lol:
  6. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member

    99'Heartbeat reprimanded another user, here ... and purged out some threads. I don't agree with the actions taken and no specifics were cited as to why. Thus, I'm showing my displeasure with what I consider uncalled for, unwarranted, and un-necessary censorship on these forums -- in the most American of ways (exercise of my 1st Amendment right). Personally I think 99'Heartbeat owes someone an apology...

  7. mfleetwood

    mfleetwood Moderator

    Wow...I'm not trying to hijack a thread but it's difficult to let this one go (my apologies). Maybe you should take this up off-line with '99 and/or other mod(s) or Steve. In my opinion, this forum is not a 1st amendment right, otherwise it would turn into a porno, discriminatory, other controversial charged site that most of do not want to partake in (or at least in this Forum). There are rules and policies which govern here that we agreed to in order to participate. I look at it kind of like an HOA, as there are rules governing it and I live here (or hang out in this forum) because I LIKE the rules since they provide me an environment that I enjoy and want to be in. If this was a flaming, rude, porno, or other forum like many are, then I would not be here along with many others. And if didn't like the rules, then I would pack up and move out to another neighbor that doesn't have the additional HOA rules. This is supposed to be a friendly, family oriented site that is here to help one another. I'm not sure what was removed or why there is such a problem with a mod trying to keep the offensiveness, flaming, trolling, etc. down to a minimum (I'm sure it wasn't personally motivated but rule driven), but instead of just letting it go, we now have to look at your signatures, you're involving us in your politics by posting about it, and handling like most members would on other sites. I'd personally prefer to see you handle in a way that is not distracting from site. I've been on this site for quite sometime, relatively speaking, and have never written a post such as this but I am extremely disappointed in the way this is being addressed by you and others. This is NOT in the spirit of this forum and I hope it can be resolved in a much more professional and mature manner. Please reconsider you tactics.....

    My apologies Kraziken....I owe you one.

  8. marko54

    marko54 New Member

    I wondered who the 12 year old was thats blacking out all the pics lately, I at least thought there was a minimum age req. here.
  9. Sierraowner5.3

    Sierraowner5.3 New Member

    i guess i missed this one, but, maybe thats a good thing. Ill stay out of it.

  10. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member

    A public approach was warranted as it was a public action that was taken. I've been polite and considerate in my posts on the matter. Discussions behind closed doors are, in fact, taking place. The concern I've raised is one of a friendly site being heavy-handed with content that violated no site rules. One cannot expect the user base to be courteous if the moderators, themsleves, are not that way toward the user base; it's a double-standardthat negatively impacts us all. I'll likely be taking down my blacked out sig shortly as I think appropriate discussion is now in progress.
  11. mfleetwood

    mfleetwood Moderator

    I'm okay with agreeing to disagree with you et al on the airing out it public. If you think you were wronged, then do two wrongs make a right (rhetorical question)??

    However, thank you....I'm not sure about the "why's" or who's right, but I am happy to know that this is being worked on. The post you made only a few hours ago led me to believe that this was only being aired out publicly over the forum. I sincerely appreciate you changing your sig back (or at least considering), as I think it is the right thing to do. I hope the others will consider doing the same.
  12. adampaul1964

    adampaul1964 New Member

    SurrealOne was wrong, Coach24 was wrong, Site rules were broken, action was taken, end of story, Grow up.
  13. Coach24

    Coach24 New Member

    You are wrong again . Do you have any idea what SurrealOne is talking about? Most likely not. And if so there would seem to be another issue to the problem.
    No rules were violated or broken to my knowledge and if a rule or policy was broken someone should be man enough to explain the violation in detail.

    Please come to the table with reasons and factual information before being negative towards another member. You have a storied past of negative comments as I see.
  14. Pikey

    Pikey Moderator

    Looks like this thread has been hijacked! So, I will add to it. I have been on other forums (boating) were you can ask a question and get some jerk giving you a nasty answer insulting your knowledge of the subject. I like the fact that the moderators remove those type of posts here and show that those type of things are not tolerated. I am here for help or to give help when I can, be insulted or to insult others.
  15. mfleetwood

    mfleetwood Moderator an fyi....yes, many of us know. You're losing more credibility the more you talk about it. I'd suggest letting it go.

    ---------- Post added at 12:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:21 PM ----------

    Thanks Pikey for the response. A ton of stuff gets removed for the betterment of the forum: porn related, harassment (sexual or other), flaming, trolling, spamming, etc. Most of us, like you, want it that way.

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