Third Brake Light Problem

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Spicy99Tahoe, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Spicy99Tahoe

    Spicy99Tahoe New Member

    Does anyone know what to do about a Third Brake Light Problem..??

    I have a 1999 2d Tahoe, the Third brake light on top WON'T STOP FLASHING...I replaced the Flasher
    Twice....It is on as soon the engine in on...ONLY when I step on the brake does it stop flashing..!

    EVEN my local mechanic was kind of lost after replacing the FLASHER...

    It's freaking annoying....NOT to mention catches the eye of evey COP...!


    _Northern California..!

    PS: I can't just remove the flasher, because it also controls the SIGNALS...
  2. GNB

    GNB New Member

    Temporarily remove the bulb. Check emergency flasher system. Not sure but sounds like brake and flsher wire crossed, got trailer wiring? Check there for crossed wires. Do regular turn and brake lights work O.K ?
  3. Spicy99Tahoe

    Spicy99Tahoe New Member

    Thanks for the response...

    I don't have a trailer hook up...

    Both Signals work fine and so does the Hazzard swith....

    Just the Third light on top starts flashing when I start-up...and stays on untill I press the Brake
    pedal then it's STOP FLASHING...!!

    Still have no clue....I thught maybe the switch by the Brake pedal going bad..(GONE BAD.)..??
  4. blkbowtie

    blkbowtie New Member

    is it just the third brake light flashing or do the other brake lights flash too?
  5. Spicy99Tahoe

    Spicy99Tahoe New Member

    Just the THIRD light is flashing, the other brake lights are fine...

    When I press on the brake the all three brake lights stay on, but when I release the brake the top third light
    starts flashing and others are off....Still thinking maybe it has something to do with the brake light switch
    by the pedal...but NOT sure...

    Thanks for the response
  6. Rumpamuro

    Rumpamuro Rockstar 100 Posts

    There must be a wiring problem, one of the wires may have melted or something, if this was my truck, i would just disconnect the bulb/ LED and problem solved.

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