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    Good experience gone bad!

    For several months last year I did much research on finding what I wanted in the perfect truck. I decided on a 2006 Silverado 2500HD 4X4 Crew cab SB. I did a search on the web site to locate that truck in my area and it brought up 8-10 dealers that had matching trucks. One had a truck painted Yellow (never seen a yellow one) so I decided to start there on Dec 31st (my truck shopping day). The truck was beautiful with all the dealer added extras (wheels and tires, brushguard and lights, chrome door handle covers etc.) but I had other trucks to look at if they would not deal with me. They treated me fair and kept coming down on the price until we agreed. They tried to low-ball me on my trade-in but I ended up getting what I wanted out of that as well (I left and then called them after being insulted by their offer, to tell them what I wanted out of my trade-in and they agreed to it). I was told by the sales manager that my truck had a "Mini-lift" installed by the local tire store. I knew before buying a Silverado that they sit lower in the front and I would need to put a leveling kit on it (torsion bar keys).

    All was well for a few days until I noticed a low tire and pulled into my local tire shop (same chain as other store) and they told me I had rubber valve-stems on my wheels and they would need to change them to steel ones. When my tires were off the technician brought me into the shop to show "cupping" or wear on my tires and at only 800 miles, something was wrong. I called the dealer and the Service consultant told me to bring it in and they would try to get it straightened out. They had my truck for 2 days and when I picked it up the tires were still the same. The sales manager took me to the service department and a different service guy told me that the tire store told him the tires were perfect and only had about 200 miles on them. I asked how could this be when my tire shop (same chain) showed me the wear. The sales manager told me that the tire shop should stand behind the tires and to go to the tire shop and have the manager call the sales manager. I then drove to the tire store and talked with the manager and he said he was there when the service guy brought my truck in and the tech told him that "Yes, there is cupping in the front tires". The manager then called the dealership and talked to the sales manager and I heard him tell the sales manager that the tires were cupped and no, there is not a lift on the truck. The sales manager then said for me to call and set up an appointment for the alignment rack at the dealership. This was Friday evening so I went home feeling cheated and lied to by the sales manager and the service guy.

    I called my local tire shop on Saturday and they said they do not put "mini-lifts" on the Silverados with the torsion bar front suspension so I knew someone had to crank up the torsion bars on my truck to allow clearance for the wider tires but nobody would fess up to it (when I bought the truck I was told the wheels and tires came off another truck but the buyer did not want them so they were put on my truck). On Monday I called the first service consultant (who I believe was honest) and discussed my problems. She told me that GM will (as a sign of good faith) do one free alignment on any new GM auto in the first 12 months (or between 500-7500 miles) at any dealership and she suggested I take it to a dealership closest to me. I did this and the results were that someone had cranked up the torsion bars throwing it out of alignmet and causing the tires to wear. They adjusted the "Toe" so that the tires would no longer wear funny. I told the service guy when opicking up my truck that the other dealer and the tire shop were pointing fingers at one another. He told me that the dealer I bought my truck at (Rose City Chevrolet, in Potland, Oregon) was losing it's franchise anyways and will not be a Chevrolet dealer after Feb 28th, 2007. And, that the female service consultant that had treated me good was coming to work at my local dealership (Curt Warner Chevrolet) the very next day.

    I still love my truck but I guess this is called Karma.
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    I hit a bucket of balls at a driving range in Woodinville about 10 years ago. I was standing next to Curt Warner! :) He took a LONG time to hit the ball, like waited like 10 seconds looking at the ball when he had his club pulled back.
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    I have always gad good luck and been treated well at Curt Warner Chevrolet in Vancouver, Washington. I bought a 350 GM crate motor for my 1987 Blazer there a few years ago. Unfortunately they had no 2006 Silverados when I was shopping but you can bet they will get ALL my business from now on!

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