This kind of thing doesn't happen anymore.

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by crane3447, May 20, 2008.

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    I got a story that some of you won't believe. I just got back from a cross Canada drive. I drove my '97 serria 2500 from Calgary to my home town of Spaniard's Bay, Newfoundland ( about 45 min outside St. John's). 6000 kms in a little over 4 days. Everything went pertty good until we got off the ferry in Nfld. 8 hrs from the finish line. The boat comes into a small town called Port-aux-Basque. Mabey 2000 people. A couple of clicks past town I lost my power stering and power brakes. I was very happy that such a small towm had a GM dealership and got back there as fast as I could. Turning a 3/4 ton truck around on a 2 lane highway without power stering is not fun. I had to put both feet on the brake pedal to stop.

    7:55 am I walked into the dealer. The parts manger was just making coffee. I told him that I just lost my alternator. When I said my truck had a 454, he was sure I was out of luck. Not a common motor in Nfld. A little hard on gas. As it happend They had 2. Whew!! What luck I thought. I think you know where I going with this.

    Just as I started to think I was going to get on my way quickly, My wife came running in a said there had been a loud bang and now the truck was leaking somthing. When I poped the hood I saw that the idler pulley had let go and since now the water pump wasn't turning, the coolant overfill had, well, overfilled. Now of course they diddent have the pulley in stock. And Port-aux Basque is about 3 hrs from anywhere. I was S.O.L !!!

    They had one of their guys drive us to the local Canadian Tire in their shop truck and got a new pulley that we thought would work. Same size but wrong off-set. So close!!

    A little latter we left again. This time to a local bering shop. Seems that the pulley was fine, but the bering inside was shot. Thing was only 5 months old . Anyway this time I was in luck. The guy at the bering shop pressed a new bering into my old pulley. Charged me $7.46 and I was on my way. Not bad.

    Got back to the dealer. The tech went to re-install my pulley and belt only find that my diagram for running the belt was gone. I had removed it when I installed my K&N cold air intake. Which kicks ass by the way. Now buy this time it was about 11:00 am. and things were starting to get funny. In a few minutes the guy had it figured out and my big block was growling again. 454's don't purr!

    Case your not keeping track. I was there a little over 3 hours. The owners son drove us around town twice. And I never did buy a part off them. Plus their tech put my truck back together.

    Guess what they charged me? Not a cent!!!!!!! ZERO! NADDA!! NOTHING!!! After many many thank-you's I purchased a chevy hat and a GMC hitch cover. I had to buy somthing. I felt guilty. Its not like they were sitting around doing nothing. The place was very busy.

    My wife and I went and brought back coffee and muffins and said we were going to write GM and tell had great they had been.

    Gotta love small town ways.
  2. that's awesome man!!! would never happen in south florida!
    glad ur truck's running again =]
  3. crane3447

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    I diddn't think this kind of thing happened anywhere anymore. Nice to know that you can still find nice people every now and then.

    Anybody else got any stories like this? A little GOOD news for a change, might do us all some good.
  4. Cableguy

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    Newfoundland has some of the nices folks in Canada IMO. So it really doesn't surprise me at all. As for the Dealership, I think I'd take the time too to write GM a letter and CC the dealership on it. :great:So close to the finish line that was almost a sad ending to your story, til you met some nice folks.

    Remember what NFLD did for the foreign folks that got caught in 9/11, Thats some way cool people there let me tell you. Took them in and fed them so they didn't have to hang around airport. Now if we can work on the folks in Toronto here (Just kidding) we'd have to be the coolest country in the world.

    "Canada in da house" :party:
  5. GM_Guy

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    that was very nice of them!!!
  6. GoFastPadre

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    There are still a few places around where they treat you like family. I drive about 40miles to a little hole in the wall shop "C7J Exhaust and Body Repair" don't lat the name fool ya. The guys name is Herman and some times I have to make him take pyment! I was there a couple weeks ago and had my a/c turnsignal horn and my new hedlights wired up. He chaarged me $42.:glasses: Oh I almost forgot he welded in an Hpipe too!
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  7. crane3447

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    Thanks for the great words. I would like to think most small towns are like that but I have been proven wrong in the past.

    By the way I just got to say, that drive through Ontario is a killer. Man that one big province. Pretty though.
  8. Cableguy

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    It is kind of a big drive from one side to the other isn't it!
    Northern Ontario has some really cool scenery. :great:

    Usually a Newfoundlander or a Frenchmen crack me up with there sense of humour.
    I should also add that people out west BC, Alberta etc are some pretty cool folks too
  9. Pete95Sierra

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    no that never happens anymore. glad you made out ok up there!!
  10. black jack

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    Glad things worked out for you. You def dont hear about that here in ft. myers the only thing some of the dealers do here is do work on your vehical that you dont ask to be done then charge you for it.

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