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  1. pmartin816

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    I bought a new toy recently. It is a 1977 Mercedes Benz 300 Diesel. It was my uncles and it has a recently new motor, 20,000 miles, but I got it super cheap because its just sat for the last 7 years and my aunt has had enough and told him it had to go. So 160 dollars later it was mine. Its got a few issues to deal with most come from a vehicle that has been totally left alone for 7 years. Gm truck club has been the first forum that I ever joined, so when I bought this car I decided I might try to find a forum for Mercedes so I could try to learn a little about this car. Wow, what a disappointment that has been. Just about all that I can find out is how to change a light bulb behind the speedometer. Even though its been disappointing it sure has made me realize how great this place is. Theres so much knowledge on here, besides light bulb changing. Just wanted to say how great this place was and thanks for all the help I've recieved since I've been on here. Oh and I'll try to get a few pics up the new car up soon, I know its not a chevy, or even an American car but oh well it was on $160.
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    I agree I've joined multiple truck forums and this one is by far the most friendly and helpfull
  3. tbplus10

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    I gotta agree this is one of the best sights I've been on, I find my self frequenting this one more than others now a days.
    Enjoy that Mercedes I had the same model when I was stationed in Germany, it's a great car but can be problematic when working on it, I always swore Americans dont think the same in engineering terms as Germans and we just cant seem to fathom exactly what they were thinking of when they designed some things on it.
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    I noticed the same thing when I was restoring an MGB. The wiring!!! "Lucas", Prince of darkness! But..once I quit thinking about the wiring American style I finally figured it out! Not to say that I don't still have an occasional elect. problem!
  5. SurrealOne

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    I prefer here to other truck forums, myself. I'm glad others see what I see, here...
  6. Goldie

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    Everyone is spot on with their favorable comments. My experience with other trucks sites shows we have serious, mature (not only age wise as in my case) members who really wish the best for and are willing to be helpful to other members. It is a real pleasure and usually a learning experience for me to read the comments posted here and with out any sarcasm or foul language.
  7. Really good helpful post I just joined today and like it.

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