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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by moogvo, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. moogvo

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    This morning, I am sitting at the end of my driveway waiting on my daughter's bus to come. Off of the side road next to my property, a guy in a 90s Z71 comes out and drives by. Now, in the 2 years I have been sitting in my vehicle waiting on the bus when this guy comes out (I have seen him nearly every day for the last 2 years) He never gives me a second look. Today, I saw him craning his neck to have a look at my truck. The encounter ended up in a mutual standard 2 fingers raised off the steering wheel wave to each other.

    There are a trillion of these trucks out there. I can't go to the store without seeing at least 5 of them passing me in the other direction. They blend in like trees in a forest. The fact that this guy made a special effort to have a look at mine felt pretty good... Sort of like when a guy turns to have a peek at my wife. Glad others think my truck looks good too! My wife calls that "Man Flirting". LOL!
  2. Red Z71 Max

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    You're right ,guys love their trucks almost as much as their women!!!! LOL:lol:
  3. Enkeiavalanche

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    Tag him and get him on the site......
  4. dipstick

    dipstick Member 2 Years 100 Posts likes women.. trucks ..sports..eating..scratching..farting...and such...women likes money story and i,am sticking to it. lol
  5. When i see a lifted tahoe or surburban with mud tires i think to myself if that person lifted it for looks or because he had to lift it to get where he was wanting to go.I had to lift my bus cause when i went hunting with my daddy inlaw we kept getting stuck in his ford.I like the looks of the 90s chevy trucks and suv thay just have some clean lines and the aftermarket has anything you can think of.
  6. JnBama

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    The song goes...... I love my truck I like my girlfriend:lol:
  7. AMac

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    Hehe...that is a moment of pride. When I had my 09 Sierra I got a lot of complements when going through drive-thrus and such. I reminded myself today that my truck isn't at that same point because I lack random comments. When I see someone w/ a nice chevy rig I surely give a thumbs up or casual wave. Way to go on achieving acknowledgement from a person you'd least expect it from!
  8. 08_rado_rocker

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    I know what you mean.. NBS 'rados around here are a dime a dozen, and before my Bday (3/2) nobody ever gave it a second glance.. now with the drop there are so many heads turning it is ridiculous.. Both me and Truck enjoy it :) Chevy Nation baby!
  9. Where i live if you lower your rig you get stuck our southern roads are in bad shape.Most of the trucks around here are lifed at least 6 inchs and have hunting dog boxs in the beds for hog hunting.A low truck just dont last long way out here in the booneys
  10. rileyjr16

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    DING DING DING. Exact same (excpet its rabbit hunting around here). Its mostly kids (16-20) who are in high school too around here but they do it with daddy or mommy's money. They had some kids party with a bonfire in the field across from my house, and it started raining, they got stuck in the field and came knock on my door at 3AM. Didn't help them (kinda a jackass move I know but I did let them stay under the carport for their friends to come pick them up). They had the bright idea to leave their trucks there until it dried up enough. Thank God my buddy Boo owns a towing company, he came and towed em all out and took them to his yard the next day while they were sleeping off their hangovers. Thats what you get for getting stuck in MY field.

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