Those who "praise the lowered" Chevy Trucks

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by 08_rado_rocker, Jan 30, 2012.

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    WHAT? now now coach, everyone knows trix are for adults and you better use protection. :na:

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    this is just me, but i feel a lowered truck is a wasted truck. very little left that you can do with it then. no off roading, no hauling anything, no running over animals along the highway, no real fun. it makes no better than a car restricted to the road. i have a lowered car for the road. the truck got what its supposed to have, a lift kit and big tires. even with 600lbs of audio equipment hooked up in it i can still go off road with ease.
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    Not sure where Adam lives but here in Alberta we don't have front plates. I used to roll with a vanity plate of some graffiti my buddy did on my old truck, but the new one doesn't even have holes in the front bumper for a plate and I'm not about to drill them.
  3. dogred

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    If it is a 2wd truck lifting it would be a waste of money. Nothing sillier than wasting money with no performance gains in my opinion. Why drop $2k on all the stuff to lift a 2wd that will probably see as much off road action as a mild lowered truck? I guess it all depends on what you use the truck for. I use mine as a daily driver and to haul things in the bed. Even with it lowered I can still use the load air bags to help out with the heavy stuff.
  4. 08_rado_rocker

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    I'm actually kinda curious as to who lied to you and told you that you cant use it to haul stuff? LOL.. i think I've hauled MORE with it lowered than i have in the past honestly. And last i checked.. two lm7 long blocks wouldn't fit in a camaro. I just hauled both of those with no issue across Texas, could have filled the entire bed if i had the cash right then. AND.. i have a system in it.. but that's just me. It's actually a hell of a lot easier to load stuff into the back of it.
    2012-03-20_19-21-21_56.jpg when is the last time you loaded a king size 450lb mattress into a truck with a 12" lift?? I bet it was easier for me. AND!!!!! Even my beloved Grama can get into my vehicle with no problem.

    ...but that's just me. And that's the beauty of it. It's all a matter of personal opinion. Yes, I do miss being able to go to the ranch with Truck Norris, but then again.. why not just buy an older model 4x4 and lift it a little? have the best of both worlds?? (ps.. that's what I'm doing)

    For this build.. it's lowered. I dont need extra opinions trying to state cases as to why you think I'm retarded for lowering my truck, you either like it.. or you dont. Take dont's elsewhere. I have my reasons. Thanks.
  5. Coach24

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    I have seen some preety nice lowered trucks, but like others I prefer my truck up a bit higher than the curb. It gives me an excuse to boost her up in the passengers seat , as I don't carry a step stool.LOl.
    You are all correct , it is about ones personal preference and if we all liked the exact same stuff , it would be pretty boring around thesse parts. I enjoy my ride and wish I could add to it but at this time I can't. But I do appreciate hard work done by others to get the ride they like.

    So lets all agree to disagree and find the positive in others projects. Me included.
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    with my lifted suburban i loaded about 1300lbs of house hold goods inside of it and had a trailer hooked up with a little over 7000lbs of shop equipment. hit the interstate at 70mph with cruise on and the a/c at full tilt. i would hate to think of a lowered truck of any kind hauling that much weight.
  7. 08_rado_rocker

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    I feel like I'm talking to a child... but congratulations!! Feel like a big man? Lol I'm willing to bet I never have to use my truck for anything close to that, and the day I decide I need to start hauling that much bs around, I'll either go buy a D-Max.. or just pull the friend card out. I've already pulled pretty much the heaviest thing my truck will ever need to (16' Big Tex car hauler with Kristine on it, and she weighs 2478 lbs) and had no problems.. they call that weight distribution.

    I've already stated that I'm currently in search of something I can take off-road so I can join in various redneck activities as usual....

    .... and I don't need to get into a ****ing pissing contest with a dumbass on a ****ing website. I dont give a flying **** how much your suburban can pull dip****... you use your ****ing SUV for whatever you feel like using it for. Im gonna use my truck to haul ass AND haul **** around.. how bout that? Thanks for ****ing up how much I liked this site for me, bitch.
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    Looks like it has turned into a pissing match hahaha. I like my dd lifted so I can see over everyone but I got a muscle truck as well that's slammed. But if your gunna drop a newer truck just bag it and it's gotta be fast or it's Pointless.
  9. UpsetProps

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    A 450lb mattress? I call shenanigans on that. I used to deliver mattresses for a living and I could lift a King size over my shoulder....there is no way I can lift 450lbs.

    Not trying to troll you, just poking fun.
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    i was simply stating a fact. im sorry that i made your virgina bleed. that was not my intent. i was thinking i was talking to an adult and attempting to explain why I dont like lowered trucks and pointing out the advantages of normal and/or lifted trucks. i really cant give a rats a_s wtf you have or like to do. hell if you want to sit in your street scraper and jerk off to gay porn that has nothing to do with me. i never used any insults toward you yet your penis envy got the best of you and your true ignorance has been brought to light. nice job pencil d_ck.

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