throttle body spacer worth it?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by 1morepart, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. 1morepart

    1morepart New Member

    is a tb spacer worth the 100 bucks? which one do i go with? airaird,etc....
    who likes that whistle?
    please help a newbie
  2. j-schmizzle

    j-schmizzle New Member

    i've heard from other chevy truck owners say that throttle body spacers are not worth spending money on. that all it really does is add a "whistle" and totally useless especially on Vortec engines.

    sorry to jump on your thread 1morepart. i too would like to hear from other members on this forum as well about their thoughts/opinions on TBS.

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  3. TrailLeadr

    TrailLeadr New Member

    Well the spiral shape actually has little to do with anything other than making noise. It may cause some extra turbulence, but nothing that's going to help.

    When you add a TB spacer what you are effectively doing is increasing the plenum volume. A larger plenum will basically make for a little more torque. Some people feel it and others don't. One main reason may be older more tired engines will notice the increase, while newer engines still get the bump in power it is less noticeable. It also depends on revisions made to intakes as the years go on. Newer revised intakes may not benefit as much as an older version of the same style intake, since after a point adding more space to the plenum will have the opposite effect and power could start to drop off.

    In my opinion, it's not worth $100.00. It's a block of aluminum machined to your TB size. It's not that special. It might be worth it for less money, say in the $50 range to see if you get any noticeable results.
    If you really wanted to make some more power and are willing to play with the intake and part with $100, you're better off to save up a couple hundred more and get a tuned intake from someone like Edlebrock or Holley, that is proven to make more power. The spacer is hit or miss, and should be considered a gamble.

    Keep in mind that the "Vortec" portion of the engine is in the heads not the intake.
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  4. j-schmizzle

    j-schmizzle New Member

    tnx for the info. that was very informative
  5. 1morepart

    1morepart New Member

    thanks for the replies..would like to hear some more.
  6. ejohnson03

    ejohnson03 New Member

    What model year vehicle and Engine you running?

    I managed to snag a deal on my TBI spacer off eBay for $28 and free shipping.

    Can't say for sure what improvement it gave me specifically, because I did several performance upgrades all at once. Headers, dual exhaust, Cold Air Intake, Accel super coil and module.

    But since I had my TBI off to clean,and for the low cost, it was worth it to me.

    Never rush into any performance or appearance upgrades without taking the time to check out the bottom line.

    Hope this helps...:neutral:
  7. Coolrado

    Coolrado New Member

    I know on my engine they are worthless. I think it depends on the type of engine and probably depends on the type of throttle body and intake.
  8. JennaBear

    JennaBear New Member

    Throttle body spacers (TBS) came about back in the time when TBI engines were the craze. The TBS did indeed help the TBIs as they helped to improve atomization of the fuel by changing the flow of air as the fuel was sprayed before the throttle body. The gains are minimal but are still there.

    The TBS are a waste on the newer engines as the fuel is sprayed after the throttle body. The air is already "spun up" as it goes through the throttle body, so the TBS basically duplicates the effort. The TBS won't hurt your engine however, that being said, some folks wind up having problems with the spacer as it is one more thing to wiggle lose and cause leaks.
  9. 1morepart

    1morepart New Member

    thanks for the replies...i think i will keep my hundred and put it on something worth while
  10. Silverado Junkie

    Silverado Junkie New Member

    Good choice, they are all right. They only work on TBI motors like mine. Ive got a PowerAide throttle body spacer and did notice a slight improvement in how fast my motor revved and thats about all it did besides make a cool whistle sound.
  11. ahm1127

    ahm1127 New Member

    I put one on my 97 Yukon & I noticed an improvement in mileage (1.5mpg) & pulling trailer uphill (would hold speed) but nothing in performance. I also put K&N air filter in at same time.
  12. Tylr778

    Tylr778 New Member

    To be honest I recently put a Taylor Spacer on my 5.3L. Didnt notice much gain except maybe 2300-2600 RPM's. However I am not a fan of this fly by wire system but this did seem to give me better throttle response, and I like anything that helps spin the tires a bit more. Also may have bumped some MPG's up but thats probably just all in the head. All in all I think there are plenty of other things you could waste a hundred bucks on. This probably is more usable than any of those.
  13. dualdj1

    dualdj1 New Member

    Jenna hit it pretty much head on.

    Spacers have some atomization benefits with Carbs and TBI, and are a bit more noticeable on the SOTP meter. With TPI, they just change plenum size and effect throttle response and torque to a smaller degree.
  14. CenTex SS

    CenTex SS New Member

    I bought one for my 96 5.7 and i noticed a small difference in throttle response and a slight gain in mpg but i dont think it was worth the $82 i paid
  15. randomsandwhich

    randomsandwhich New Member

    I have an Air Raid on a 5.3l motor, I did gain a little better throttle response, but thats about it. Also can hear the air being sucked into the intake better. Weather it gives me power or not I like the sound and its my truck ! Do what you want, but probably something not worth buying if you can put it towards something more worth your money (exhaust, CAI etc).
  16. 06MonteSS

    06MonteSS New Member

    on 2007 or newer vehicles, nope... not worth it... doesn't do anything for ya...
  17. 54chev3100

    54chev3100 New Member

    I've never seen these do any good on injected engines, and I have also seen them set throttle position sensor performance codes on newer drive by wire applications.
  18. kcbates85

    kcbates85 New Member

    I had the Airaid TB spacer on my 94' chevy 5.7L and really liked the sound of the whistle. I was looking forward to getting it with my 09 5.3L and although the performance may not be noticeable, I like the sound it produces.

    Hope the opinion helps...
  19. stephan

    stephan New Member

    Hey Jason, spacers work well on carbed engines, but the general consensus is that they don't work on FI engines.
  20. 1LOW4X4

    1LOW4X4 New Member

    Carbed engines, yes.

    LS engines (4.8/5.3/6.0 so on) NOT NO BUT HELL NO.

    Dont let ANYONE tell you they work. I used mine for a nitrous plate, drilled me a little hole in the side lol.

    You want bang for the buck? Get a custom tune. Not no damn handheld, not no mail order tune, A CUSTOM tune.

    Lots of mail order tunes just change your shift points and rev limiter, blah blah, so you feel a difference and are satisfied. You need a tuned locally who can keep tuning it. You need to get rid of rev limiter, change the shift points very agressively, pull a crap load of timing (after you run a few tanks of 93 octane though it) and so on. No torque management etc. The key is in the timing.

    Next, if you dont already have it electric fans. This mod you WILL feel. Then Long Tube headers and a full exhaust. let her breathe. Then consider your ported and polished throttle body and your cold air intakes.....

    AGAIN, anyone who says they felt a difference with their throttle body spacer on ther FI truck, is hallucinating.

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