throttle body spacer worth it?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by 1morepart, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. dualdj1

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    Yeah that's what I was pretty much getting at. For tuned port, There might be slight measurable differences if you had the tools to actually tell, but $ to gain is no contest. Really if you care that much about your plenum volume, then you should have the right intake and not need a spacer. As 1LOW4x4 said, Money best spent elsewhere.

    Now I still think there is some benefit on TBI, just not as much or as necessary as with a carb, but still some value nonetheless
  2. stephan

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    LOL Jason, My post was to the original poster who is Jason. I wouldn't presume to tell you about that, cuz you know more about that stuff than most of us here.:great:
  3. dualdj1

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    Just a clarification :D
  4. bradn4

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    the throttle space uses the same principle in adding height to your intake manifold in an old truck. It gives you more rev, fuel economy, and power. I had a 1972 Chevy Super Cheyenne 350 with a high rise intake, and it made the tach go to 6k rpm, when it originally was set for 5k from the factory. It does work. I am about to put one on my 04 Chevy Silverado, with a cold air intake.
  5. JennaBear

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    Two totally different engines, the TBS won't do anything for your 04.
  6. Josh

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    i have not tried a spacer nor bought one. but i saw a video that a guy had a 90 or 91 k5 blazer. that he had installed the tbi spacer on and reported that he did feel a pickup in power. though he did do a vortec head swap. wish somebody did a dyno run...
  7. bradn4

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    spacers do work

    The only difference is that the throttle body is on its side, instead of on top. the engine it self has not changed since it was invented. the only different engine is a rotary engine, that is another story. the problem with people is that they will believe anything, until you put a vehicle on a dyno. they think a throttle body will do nothing to their vehicle. the only real problem with these new engines is that fuel has to be forced sideways instead of using more gravity with a top mounted throttle body. throttle body spacers do work... you have to look at the science behind them. I am super mechanically inclined, and i know for a fact that you add space between your intake and the engine, you will get more power, by creating a vortex and "sucking" more fuel and air into the engine... if you put a high rise intake, it does the same thing.

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