"Tick" sound coming from rear suspension, looking for an updated TSB list for 2011

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Kapelusprime, Jun 23, 2012.

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    Hey guy's, maybe a mod's can help me here. I did a TSB search on this board and found one site but the list was old and did not include one of the TSB's that my dealer told me about "Acceptable suspension noise." I have over the last two week developed a small but noticeable tick sound after the truck is put in gear either D or R and the sound occurs only after the gas is applied and then again when I take my foot off the gas. It could be just a crappy U joint. However I do not hear it whiles under regular acceleration, in other words not the classic "tick..tick...tick" of a bad needle bearing. Leaving the truck in park with the motor off, I have someone physically rock the truck back and forth while I'm under it and hear nothing coming from the drive shaft and no excessive play. While on the ground next to the truck I have had my brother put it in gear, no tick. Have him hold the brake then give it just a ever so small amount of gas pedal and then the "tick" or sometimes "Tick.tick" can be heard. I have never owned a Eaton locker before in a truck so is this noise something that might be normal?

    Thoughts? Opinions? Rude comments? Bad jokes?

    I have a 2011 Sierra SLE extended cab (3,000 miles) on the 5.3 with 6 speed/tow haul package to include the rear locker. I've heard some people tell me about a TSB for the diff pinion bearing. My friend one of the guys at work, had his complete drive shaft and both U joints replaced after 5 K on his 2010 Sierra crew cab because it was bent.

    If anyone has a link to an updated TSB list for my truck, that would be great, I have an appointment with service this week and like to go armed with as much knowledge as possible. I like my dealer but I like my truck in top working condition more.
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  2. Kapelusprime

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    They are replacing the drive shaft and u-joints, this is not the first case they have had. While not common, it is a problem my dealer has seen before.
  3. Kapelusprime

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    The drive shaft was replaced this week, the "tick" sound is gone and I continue to have an excellent dealership/service dept experience. They even did a softwear update search for my truck while I was standing there talking to the tech.
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    It's been a problem for a while. The slip rear slip yoke splines have a little bit of play in it, causing a "TINK" sound when you engage the gearing. For my model year, they list it as "normal operating conditions." It can be fixed with a hardened nickle plated slip yoke, (which is like $400+) or you can add a bunch of heavy duty grease to it, and it'll go away for a few months. I tell you this, because if your dealer replaced it, and you find it comes back in a year, you'll have an idea what could be causing it (newly installed parts will have a bit more grease making it seem like the problem is fixed!)



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