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    for the wife :) her car is pretty much done. what should be a simple fix on my truck is a hell of a job on her car. its leaking coolant at a rapid rate from the inlet n outlet on the engine, it probably only needs a cheap gasket but requires a hell of a lot of work to get to it. but besides that im sure its burning coolant as well. shes done. 2002 Sebring. so anyways on to better things...

    we have 6 kids and she wants a vehicle to be able to carry them all. so heres where were at. Chevy Trailblazer EXT, GMC Envoy EXT, Buick Rendezvous, Pontiac Torrent and I think missing another one. I would rather not get another Burb, Yukon or Tahoe but those are not out of the question and as much as I like the 5.7L Vortec and the 97, 98 & 99 model years we need someting a bit more fuel efficient, one gas guzzler is enough.

    there are a tonne of trailblazers n envoys out there and that is what were leaning towards. a lot of them have the award winning vortec inline 6 which I know almost nothing about other than its supposed to be a good engine. however its short lived production life prolly dosent leave a whole lot of parts laying around in junkyards for future repairs and is probably expensive as hell to fix (maybe I'm wrong?) . but how reliable is it?

    sooo hmmm my conundrum.... whats the best vehicle above, how reliable are they and how long will they last? Iv seen em as low as 160000 km and over half a million. so they gotta go the distance right? we definitely dont want anything with AFM and since were on a tight budget we cant afford them anyways. So 2006 and below...

    any advice is more than appreciated in making our decision an easier one.

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  3. silverado002

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    Probably a rust problem. I had a 2001 Trailblazer EXT and bought it used. Put 60,000 miles on it and traded it in at 75,000. Only problem I had was a power steering pump failure right after I bought it. It was repaired under warranty though so no issues. It did well even when hauling people up the mountains in Colorado but you wouldn't want to pass anyone going up a steep grade as it was a bit doggy then. We did like the roominess but rust could be an issue as my in-laws have one and the rockers and rear fenders and misc were repaired/replaced. About 3k worth of work. They really like that vehicle so I guess its worth it to them.
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    Thanks 002! did that truck have the inline 6? what do you think about that engine? ya were in the rust belt here, the add does say the rear door is rusted but I dont see anything on the body in the pics anyways. I think that truck is definitely worth looking at.
  5. xPosTech

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    Yeah Al they avoided pix of the passenger side. I think they were talking about the rear passenger side door since it has a liftgate and not barn doors. That's a pretty popular color down here so if the rust is really bad you might get lucky finding a door to replace it. All the electrical stuff in the door should be easy to swap over if the replacement doesn't have it.

    How common are snow chains on 4x4s up there? It could have rusted from a bad repair of snow chain damage if it slung a chain.

    That does seem like an awfully low price. Is it close enough for you to check it out before negotiations begin?

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    Thanks Ted. I noticed they didnt show any passenger side pics, I suspect like on my truck thats where the most rust damage will be, thats the salt side. where I live chains are not legal on the road way way further up north they are.

    the truck is a little far for a quick look without the cash to buy it... guna have to wait a bit and hope everyone else thinks its not worth it... im more or less just looking around right now n wondering how these vehicles are...

    what do you think about the inline 6?
  7. silverado002

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    Al, I did have the inline 6 and it was ok loaded but not something I would push to pass with on a uphill grade. Trans shifted adequately too. No problems with it maintenance wise.
    I've always been a V8 guy as I like the added power if needed but not for gas mileage.
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    Hey Al..........I had one. It was an '05 EXT (Envoy though), with the I6.
    I put over 325,000km on it.
    I only had two problems, both are very common. The exhaust manifold will crack and the 4x4 front axle actuator will break.

    I fixed the broken exhaust manifold, but later GM extended the warranty on it.
    The axle actuator was an easy fix.

    The I6 is a great engine, but the hood has a water leak that lets rain water get into the plug tunnels on the valve cover (the plugs are on the top of the head in tubes built into the valve cover). Anyway, water will accumulate in this hole and short out the coil on the plug. The coil is on the valve cover and connected to the plug with a piece of hose with a coiled spring inside.
    The water actually damages the rubber hose/boot and it will burn catch it early enough and you only need to replace the boot and spring.
    The other big concern is the front diff. If you need to remove it, it I bolted to the engine oil pan and the passenger side axle passes through a hole in the pan.
    It was a very comfortable ride and the engine worked great.

    But, it is a truck and the gas mileage reflected this. I did get as high as 24mpg (using a US gal), but most of the time it was 20 highway and 15 to 16 city.
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  9. thegawd

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    hey thanks for all the info guys I really appreciate it!
  10. xPosTech

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    Sorry Al but I have no experience with an inline six after high school. Oh wait I did buy a new CJ in 83 with the 4.3 liter American Motors I6. That one had plenty of torque. No GM sixes after 59 though.


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