Time for some room for family - looking to buy a Burb

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by Jeepman, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Pikey

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    I have also seen oil pressure gauges stop working. You can buy the motors for around $12 each. Yes, the fan is bolted to the water pump.
  2. unsub

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    Rear disc conversion? All Suburbans in your year range have 4 wheel disc brakes as far as I know. The only drum type thing you have is the pads for the parking brakes.

    Programmer is always worth the cash.

    I don't have the instrument cluster issue talked about here. 4x4 system is rock solid and only repair to that was a simple swap of a new 4x4 selector switch box on dash which cost $40 and took 2 minutes and solved my 4x4 service light issue.

    You will have some form of piston slap. If you grab a 5.3 with low enough miles it may still be heard but isn't much of an issue until maybe you get over 100k, a simple overhaul with polished and ported heads with cam job ends that, or a new crate engine. I guess I don't even know if 5.3 piston slap is even an issue at all other than the noise.

    Fuel pump is an issue, mine was replaced at 75k by original owner and every single person I know with a gen2 Burb has replaced theirs.

    All AWDs are gashogs.

    Are you talking middle bench seat for very front seats? I know many that want to replace the second row bench for captains. I have to imagine their is an option to put a bench in place of the center console area of the captains without having to remove the entire thing.

    2000-2006 Burbs are pretty solid, if you do most your labor and anything needs to be done you are golden as parts for the most part are cheap and plentiful. Only real trouble area I'm having is sticking too much money into things I don't need for it ie-lift, paint, wheels and tires. I have a new exhaust system waiting to go on after overhaul but I've had my Burb on my friend's lift numerous times and for having 135k in midwest environment the entire exhaust system looks great.

    Good luck Jeepman. Beautiful area over there in northeastern WI.

    My Burb was built rigth in Janesville. I wonder if most were?
  3. Pikey

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    I have had three 5.3L trucks, an 2002 silverado (bought new), an 2003 yukon xl, and an 2005 yukon xl. Only one developed a piston slap at 120,000 miles.It only happened on extremely cold days when I did not let the motor warm up at all. It was the 2002 that I only ran synthetic in. So saying ALL of them have it is not true. I know plenty of people that have a 5.3L with no slap. I preferred the bench seat i the second row over the captains chairs I now have. The bench made it easy for my wife to climb in he back and sit between the kids to feed our infant. With the captains chairs she has no place to sit and just kneels on the floor. I have the seat behind my drivers seat folded flat. This makes it easy for my two older boys to crawl into their seats in the third row. My 19 week old goes in the carrier in the second row passenger seat. I liked the bench because it added another seat to the truck and if I needed the cargo room I could take the third row out, then put all three of my boys in their car seats in the second row. With the captains chairs that is not an option
  4. unsub

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    Ya "all" is a strong word so I will say some instead. I don't know what main design flaw is that causes slap, some are more pronounced than others and some have no slap at all like you say, but the 5.3's I have heard run mostly all have slap in any weather but particularly like you said in colder weather. I've heard the slap in all models from Silverados to Burbs/Yukons. Mine is noticeable at start for a good 30 seconds on warm days to a minute or two on colder days. Being I have yet to see a winter with mine I'm almost fearful of how loud and long slap will be this year. Overhaul and mods soon so not a big concern I guess.
    I love the bench seat in my second row, I have seen many forums of people talking about how they loved their burb more when they installed captains in second row but I see no need for them. As for the front I never liked the idea of three up there under any circumstances but I understand infants if they have to sit up front. That middle console isn't that great but I definitely use it. All depends on family size, although the guy I bought mine from was a big family guy and they managed.

    I have no kids so I'm clueless on the plight of you family guys.
  5. Jeepman

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    The bench seat I'm referring to would be the middle row. Sorry for the confusion.

    The cluster issue with stepper motors sounds like an easy fix, other than removing a needle from a motor.

    Piston slap? Nice! Every Jeep I owned with the 4.0L other than one has had piston slap. Main reason it happens is the engine has load on it at too low of an RPM causing the skirting of the piston to slap the piston wall and wear a bit. On the Jeeps it was always #6 cylinder. I've had them do the slap for 165K and not skip a beat. My recent Jeep has 265K plows part time as my buddies business needs, plows for my family, used to pull broke down or damaged ATV's off of the ATV trail till last year when I built a tow trailer with winch for my the Polaris Ranger 800HD.

    I'll be sure to get a programmer when I finally buy our Suburban.

    Any particular brand of fuel pump that you guys suggest? If I drop the tank I will replace the tank supports regardless as I had a Ford drop a 3/4 full tank on the highway. Talk about lucky, I think my guardian angels were working overtime when that tank hit the pavement and only leaked. Fire department had to do a clean up but luckily that was it. Tank straps rotted through and the rest of the truck had no rust.
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  6. Pikey

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    Only the AC Delco! I have seen many reports from members saying that any aftermarket brand last one year maybe two at best.
  7. dsfloyd

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    In regards to the piston slap in chevys (I had it in my 5.3 and some in my 6.0). If I remember correctly, they said when its cold the piston was a little smaller than the cylinder and after about 30 seconds or so it heated and expanded enough to go away. Dont think I have ever had or heard of any real issue with it damaging anything.
  8. phoebeisis

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    The 2004 on had a bump up in EPA mpg
    wondering if that had something to do with those electrical fans-and other stuff-
    Pikey mentions his 2005 has the electrical fans-
    so maybe 2004 has them also-
    in any case I would look 2004-2006-they are very favorably priced
    And the Denali-yeah they want too much-and only come with the thirstier 6.0 liter motor-the 5.3 makes plenty of hp-so why bother with the thirstier one
    Heck my 1998- older 5.7-makes plenty of power despite being just 255hp

    Oh-Texas is Suburban central-and they aren't rust buckets like many from the Mid West and NE are.
    Might be worth it to check out what is available in TX
  9. Jeepman

    Jeepman Member

    Does the better fuel mileage have something to do with the flex fuel? I can see gaining some from an electric fan but 1 mpg seems a bit high for going to an e-fan.

    The flex fuel how long was that an option?
  10. phoebeisis

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    You are right-there must have been more to it than just the fans
    The 2wd 2002 Suburban rated 17/13 2004 18/14
    2000 was just 17/12 just like my 5.7 1998

    In any case must have been more to it than just the fans-maybe trickier programing-and quicker drop to just idling fuel consumption when you lift off throttle
    And pretty sure there is some sort of deal where they drop fuel flow consumption to BELOW idle consumption=forget what it is called-has nothing to do with the 2007 AFM cylinder shutdown

    In any case better FE as you get slightly new truck-worth it to pay a little more and got a 2004 2005 2006 I think-and you get fold flat seats-which I think 2007 did away with???
    that sucks-we sleep in the back of our suburban-and sometime carry 4x8 building material-
    so folding completely flat is a nice feature-no idea why that feature was lost???

    Yeah you can buy $50,000 new vehicle-for $10,000-granted it will have 100,000+ miles but suburbans are relatively cheap to fix easy enough to DIY- great parts availability -and pretty reliable in respect to essential components

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