Time for some room for family - looking to buy a Burb

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  1. Conlan Rose

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    The increase was from the fan as well as new ECM software and better fuel tables. The mechanical fan wastes about 5-10 HP when running.
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    Makes sense-anyway 1 mpg is actually a big increase on our vehicles-7% or so-
    if you drive 15,000 miles per year-it saves you $250 or more a year at current gas prices-adds up
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    Yea, my 03 had a mechanical clutch fan, while the 05 has dual electric fans. I get about 2 mph better in the city with the 05 than I did with the 03. I average between 17.4-18 in the city depending on traffic conditions. The 05 seams like it has a little more power off the line. Not that I really ever punch it. Both trucks had the same motor, trans, gear ratio, and are programmed with my JET power programmer. The most I can get out of the 05 on the freeway is 20mpg, I average right around 20.1mpg.(DIC and Calculated) On the 03 I was able to get 22.5mpg on the freeway . I still have not figured that one out yet. I have checked the air dam and everything else I can think of! The 05 does have an added skid plate under the front diff and t-case that the 03 did not have. I would think that that would keep the air flow smoother, but who knows, maybe it is trapping it.
  4. Conlan Rose

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    It really seems like MPG from year to year or even to identical trucks can easily be totally different even if two vehicles seem identical. Engines, trannys, and drive trains wear different because these are mass produced trucks. Best mpg I ever got in my Tahoe was 21 highway and I've never gotten that again even driving the same road and conditions again. The mech fan rally only created drag at low speeds because it was working against the truck on accel, when at speed the mech fan almost totally disengaged and just freely spins. E-fans will keep running when at speed because they are temp controlled.
  5. Jeepman

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    Went and looked at a 2003 with 130k. Asking price 4300. Found two things that scared me about the vehicle. I found a ton of sand up in the back inside of the frame rails. He stated he did not drive it down gravel roads. Either he lied or this vehicle was in a flood. Second thing was it had the auto ride feature and I could here the compressor kick in and out every 20 seconds. I passed on it as I felt this wasn't a well maintained vehicle and just seemed shady to me. Carfax was clean.
  6. unsub

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    A 03 with only 130k for 4300 is questionable. Just with a base model of that year in the midwest the book is between 6-7k at 150k. And I would want nothing to do with a auto ride suspension but that's just me. All the Burbs here in MN and WI that I've seen for around 4300, I think the lowest was a 02 for 5200 which was closer to 200k, have higher miles, are rusted more than most, have not been taken care of and have a mechanical issue or two. Not saying someone isn't giving a great deal somewhere on a used Burb but we all know that's mostly untrue as these 40-55k new monstrosities hold their value quite well once they pass the 10 year mark. Anyone selling an 00-04 for less than 5k knows it a POS. Too good to be true usually is, good choice on passing I would of done the same.
    When I looked at mine to buy I knew immediately it was taken care of. The body was typical of a burb being driven 120k, only rust was at the rear running boards and bottom of inside of doors which only cost me 700 to fix and paint, the engine and bay was clean and the interior unlike any other used auto I had bought was mint. Plus being it's a burb with tons more interior to get scratched, stained and broken, there are only marks in the rear cargo area and the typical drivers seat wear. Everything else was like new. Now I know none of this means anything as the engine, tranny, 4x4 and other could of been bad, I can't tell a tranny issue from a clean interior, but it's the little things, the less important things that can give the buyer the extra signs they need to make a decision. The overall condition of a auto tells a lot.
    Carfax told me the Range Rover I was going to buy before the Burb was perfect and well maintained, my friend over there in Eau Claire jumped on it before me and within 6 months he's having to stick in 7k in repairs. I thank him secretly daily. Carfax isn't 100%, it's good for accident reports and dealer service repairs and maintenance reports but it should of told you if it was a flood auto, but then again many flood autos are never reported or recorded and are thrown into the used market with clean titles.

    Good luck with the search.
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    To [MENTION=63471]Jeepman[/MENTION]:

    How much is your budget for a Suburban?

    I would ask for all maintenance records. Most people are lazy and won't maintain their car.
  8. Jeepman

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    In all honesty I wanted to stay under $6500. This Suburban would play the role as the vacation, long distance, bad weather transportation for the family. It would also be used for hauling some of my daughter's team to and from softball and basketball tournaments. I'm keeping my Jeep and we still have the 2006 Sonata with 86k miles on it. I have a company vehicle so if it sees 5,000 miles a year that would be high. I live where everyone vacations.
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    :bump: as a reminder to me!

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    Great trucks! Been considering getting one myself in the next few years

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