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    I have a 96 c6, so I changed the distributor and put some new wires on. The engine is a 366(t) 6.0 I read in the manual that you have to disconnect the wire by the ECM to bypass the Initial timing advancement. It says when you disconect it the timing should be set at 0 degrees top dead center. However it appears the wire is already disconnected. I can not find a place for it to plug into either. So if I set it at 0 degrees it has a hard start and idles like crap. If I set it at 34 degrees it runs super smooth. My logic says to keep it there as it sounds like it runs best. Not sure if this will cause and problems or if the wire being disconected was my problem to start with. I did get my daughter to push the pedal a bit (dont have a tachometer in car) and it advances farther when giving it some gas.
    I attached a picture of the wire I believe to be the wire they show me in the diagram. I check it for continuity with a long wire connected to the pin they indicate in the manual. and I did get a beep, so it is the right wire. I took the whole dash apart looking for the clip it should attache to couldn't find it. Decided to give up put the dash together and leave the timing at 30 degrees because it runs smooth there.
    30 degrees sounds like a lot though is it possible I am off that much when I dropped the distributor in. I put the engine on TDC and lined the spinner up with the fist plug location the oil pump wasn't lining up so i hit the starter and it dropped down and the next time i turned it to tdc it was on the intake stroke i am assuming and it was opposite where the #1 plug goes.

    I will attach a picture of the wiring harness as soon as I find my phone. I know there are a whole slew of questions in this post and I am not much of a mechanic just seemed like a simpler job then it turned out to be.

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