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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by bruceb3, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. bruceb3

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    I'm thinking about buying an '02 Tahoe. It's white. From about the top of the wheel wells down, if you look close, there are very small orange spots along both sides. From 6 feet away you don't even notice them. They are not raised like rust through. As a matter of fact you can't even feel them by running your finger over them. I don't know if this helps, but they are more prevelant on the drivers side. Anybody know what could have caused this? It looks like the dealer tried to rub them out because they're thicker behind the back bumper where you couldn't get a buffing wheel. I don't want to buy it, and have the whole body rot out in a year or two. Thanks.
  2. L0sts0ul

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    a year or two is not going to happen.... 7-12 years maybe.

    its probably pitting from rocks off the road hitting it, sounds like the truck might be from a coastal state or a state that uses salt on the roads. that is probably rust and without cutting out the panels and removing the sections and repairing there is no good way to remove surface rust no matter how much sanding and buffing you do.

    BUT, if the spots are small and not really noticible... just get the price dropped and buy it anyways IMHO
  3. Project1

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    it could be paint overspray. i work on a cronstruction site and its happend a few times to my sonoma when i had it.
  4. detailjohn

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    poor paint job....
  5. roger97338

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    It could be a formerly orange truck that has been painted white.

    The truck could have had many rock chips, then been cheaply painted before sale, and rust is already showing through.

    It could be a white truck that drove through some fresh orange paint during road construction.

    The truck could have frequently sat in an area where it received a large amount of paint over-spray.

    The truck could have been driven through the pools of chemicals on the road after a tanker truck accident. (Highly acidic or alkaline chemicals wouldn't eat through the paint, they would discolor it.)

    Someone's kid could have put dots on the truck with an orange sharpie to make it prettier for daddy.

    Someone's angry ex could have thrown nail polish or glass etching acid or industrial cleaner or something on the truck.

    Maybe your glasses are dirty, and the spots are on them, and not the truck.

    You were having a dream, and the truck has never existed.

    We are in the matrix, and none of this is real.

    Any of those are possible, although some are not probable.
  6. 2ToNe04

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    lol, what he said.
  7. spazzoid13

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    i have(i think) this exact same problem
    i have a white 04
    and in the back wheel wells and fenders i have tiny tiny orange spots, cant see em from a distance, but can up close...
    what i have knoticed it this: if you scrub hard enough, they go away.

    one day i spent a TON of elbow grease, and time getting those things off
    what seemed to work best was the bald mans "magic eraser"
    it is kinda coarse, so i only used it on the spots, and made sure not to hit any of the other paint/clear coat as i didnt want it to eat that away.

    but--they seem to be coming back, kinda slowly, but kinda not, and i have NO idea what they are..
    =\ kinda weak, any other ideas? maybe if i can remember ill snap a picture of them and get a close up for you..seems to be IN my wheel wells, and under my truck bed(in the well part) and just on top of the wheel fenders
  8. MXZ1983

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    i was driving to work today and the town was painting the curbs...thought about it, and ya, they didnt care if there was a car right next to them, they just kept painting, i bet thats what happened to you that it was parked by curbs or lines that were getting repainted and they didnt care and got overspray on it...
  9. 1_low_rider

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    i 2nd that, im guilty of doing this very thing sometimes, wind is not your friend if you plan to paint outdoors!!!

    and for anyone who comes up with this same problem in blue, I DIDNT DO IT:neutral:
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  10. tlperry68

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    Where I live in southern CA, I get these tiny red / orange spots. I can't see them unless I'm washing the truck myself. Something I try not to do anymore. I let the detailer do it every other week or so but when they clay block it the spots go away. I think they are some form of sap from costal trees.
    Hope that helps you.

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