Tiny Smart car faces safety questions

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by ChevyFan, Jul 10, 2007.

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    [​IMG]The tiny two-seat Smart car is a common sight on the congested streets of European capitals, something DaimlerChrysler AG is eager to duplicate in cities like New York and Los Angeles when it begins selling the vehicle in the U.S. next year.

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    I'd rather walk :whistle:
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    My lunch box is bigger...
  4. phoebeisis

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    Won't sell-too expensive-better(bigger cars)same$

    The Smart won't sell because you can buy cars that approach its mpg, for the same or less $$ but are much, much more useful.The below cars can carry 4 adults,and could be used as Road Trip vehicles.They can carry 2 adults,a dog,ice chest,couple of bags, maybe a bike on the back.
    Aveo-not a great car-but a better car now that is come standard with side airbags,and it got a more FE motor in 2006.It is about 150" long-the Smart is just 100"(not wheelbase,actual length!!).Aveos can be bought for under $10,000-new- with auto trans,and I've seen them for as little as $7995! Why buy a Smart when you can get 75% of the MPG( HONEST 30 CITY) in a car you can drive to the beach with the kids ?
    Honda Fit-can buy for $14000-155"-can carry a pile of stuff,and get 30mpg city.
    Yaris-maybe $13000
    Scion-the boxy one-maybe $16000-carry lots of stuff.
    Focus-$13000-kinda fun car-170" long-good mpg.
    Cobalt-maybe more like 20 mpg city-but $12000 and much much more versatile.You can buy a lot of gas for $5000.
    For $21000 you can buy a Prius that is 175" long and can carry 2x4x96" if you fold the back seat.It gets an honest 43 mpg city-better than the Smart.If you are "green enough" to pay $17,000 for a Smart,dig up $4000 more and get a more useful car with better mpg.The Smart is pretty slow also-probably 0-60 in 15-16 seconds.The above cars do about 10-11 seconds or so 0-60.
    It is just too expensive for such a one dimensional(strictly city driving with just 2 passengers, no luggage,ice chest,athletic gear etc)) car.
    In the USA we like to be able to take a family trip in a car.If the buyer is strictly "green", no kids,never road trips, them he/she would buy the better mpg Prius that can actually get out of its own way(10.4 0-60).Even at 1700 lbs 40-50 hp(especially diesel hp) won't exactly blast you to 60.I would guess 16 seconds despite what the manu. might claim.
    If they went for $7000-they could sell-But for $17000????? with all the other FE choices for less $$-no chance.
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    I saw one of these toys...uhhh I mean smart cars. I was behind it with the suburban. Just a little size difference. Oh the people driving it were the largest people I have ever seen too! I think the entire car is a safety hazard. If anything hits you other than another smart car your in trouble.
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