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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Josh, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Josh

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    so few days ago i was cruisin and romped on it one time and noticed that it felt as if i werent getting all my power to the ground, also been noticing my shifts are a bit higher in the rpm band and first to second shift is a little firm for stock setting on my b @ m shift controller. so i bought a carquest gasket and filter kit for the 4l60e. i got 5 quarts of dex atf fluid and one bottle of Trans-x transmission tune. i got pan off let it drip for a few hours in a bucket. changed filter reinstalled pan. put 4.7 quarts or so in and it ran a bit better but still shifted slightly higher. my trans. performance was back. felt all my power get to the ground etc. i got home sucked out some of the fluid with a hand pump and added the Trans x. i immediately felt smoother shifting even better than before. my shifts are now shifting on time instead of past 2500rpm. the truck now moves on its own letting off the brake without hitting the gas. usually it would barely move without a lil gas. it now moves itself wich i noted on this lil experiment. it shifts into reverse and drive quicker from park. and it feels like a whole new truck. i thought it was on its way out the other day but im guessing some sticky parts inside was the cause. i wanted to share this with everyone because it literally made my truck a whole new machine. the Trans x was the first time i purchased a transmission cleaner/stop slip/stop leak stuff ever. it smelled strangely like straight seafoam. wich buy the way seafoam makes trans tune aswell. but i went with instinct and it was totally worth it. the fluid is also a pinkish color not clear. anyways it works. thought id share it with all the good folks that use this site. its helped me out when needing help. sometimes to vent after a rough install on something etc etc. hope this helps someone out who has a rough tranny that just needs a lil degreasin. enjoy.:great:
  2. aloxdaddy99

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    Thanks for the tip. Can you post back after a few hundred miles? I am interested to see if it stays like new after a few weeks.
  3. Josh

    Josh Member 100 Posts

    yep will do buddy. it seemed to help with the fluid change but. after driving a while about 45 minutes it felt better. got home and put in the trans x and it was a new truck from the moment i left the driveway.

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