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Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by hd2500407, May 12, 2009.

  1. hd2500407

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    I have recently got my 08 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab short box lifted with a 6"Superlift with KMC XD Rockstar Wheels in 20X8.5 with Pro Comp Xtreme All Terrain tires in 35x12.50x20. Since the day it was done I get a bad shake in the steering wheel between 48mph on and off thru 62mph. They originally put balancing powder in them to balance them. The dealer now rebalanced them with new powder and it still shaked. So they rebalanced them with wheel weights and then they still caused the same shake. The dealer advised they contacted Superlift and was told that it could be in the alignment. I called another alignment shop and they advised that alignment does not cause the shake described. I returned home and put my stock 20"wheels and tires back on and the shake was gone. I contacted the dealer and advised him of this. He stated that it must be in the tires since they spun balanced the wheels alone and they were fine. He is now going to contact Pro Comp and see what they will do since he feels that its gotta be in the tires.

    I advised dealer that this is not going to come back on me. Has anyone experienced anything like this before and do you think Pro Comp will stand behind their product.

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    I would call around and find the shop that does the best balancing, take it to them let them look at it and see if any of the tires are OOR(out-of-round). Some dealers are not wheel and tire experts. Get a second opinion. What state are you in?
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    I got tortured over an issue causing vibration and I would Make ABSOLUTELY sure that the copper clips that hold the drums and rotors on (installed at the factory) are removed. The OEM rims have a recessed area around the lug holes to account for the "hold clips" I know it sounds too easy but I went through this for 2 weeks until I saw for myself that the "holding clips" ( or whatever they are called in your area) were not removed, as I had asked, before after market rims were installed. If this was definitely done already, I am sorry for wasting your time but , if not, make sure it is done and your problem will be gone. Let me know how you make out and Good Luck!!
  4. hd2500407

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    Dealer found that one of my tires were out of round. Got the new one on it tonight and smooth again.

    Thanks again


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