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Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by richdog, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. richdog

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    Hello......I have a 2008 Chevy silveado 1500 ext. cab 4X4 with the Z71 package. It has the 265/65/18's on the truck. I just recently purchased and installed the zone offroad 2 inch leveling kit to bring the front end up a bit. I want to keep the stock rims and install a meatier tire without doing any damage to the inner fenderwells of the truck. I have been in serious debate with myself wether I want to go with a 275/65/18 or a 275/70/18........I want a beefy look as opposed to a jacked up look. I am probly going to buy kelly safari tsr tires because I like the tred pattern but I am definately not an expert when it comes down to getting the right tire to fit under my vehicle......Any input would be great Thanks in advance
  2. Greg84

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    I don't think you'll have any rubbing problems with the 275/65/18's. I've got 285/70/17's on my truck that are within 1/10th of an inch of the same diameter and they didn't rub at all with the stock rims. I'm not sure about the 275/70/18's, they're half an inch bigger than what I have and I can't remember how close it actually came I have wheel adapters and cut fender liners now..
  3. richdog

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    Thanks for the reply.......Well I went ahead and pulled the trigger......I bought a set of goodyear duratracs.....275/70/18's......And thankfully with the 2 inch leveling kit there are no rubbing issues at all! As soon as it gets done raining which should be in 4 days I will clean the truck up and take some pictures......So far I am really happy about my purchase......love them!!!!
  4. chevyman2004

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    glad to hear u like the Duratracs, I just bought them too. A great tire! Can't wait for pictures.

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