tire pressre monitor sensor??

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  1. bowtie11

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    the other day the messege came up saying i need to check front right tire pressure. i checked it and it was the same it had been and same as left side.. anyone with a 07-up new body style silverado ever have this problem, is there any way to reset the messege without having the dealer do it? anything will help.thanks!
  2. Jimmiee

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    Look in your owners manual. It tells you how to reset it there.
  3. mainec

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    I dont think you can reset it can ya? I called the dealership and they said it took special tool. I wish there was a easy way to reset it.
  4. badger

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    New here. First post actually.
    I recently bought a slightly used 2008 Silerado. Had the same problem shortly after I picked it up ( except it was the left tire message). The dealer told me to put some air in it, to bring it up to pressure. He said the message would go away after a few miles. It didn't. I thought I had a problem that I was going to to have to take it back to get repaired, new tire, bad sensor, whatever. So anyway, I just figured I should put air in the right tire while I had the air hose out. Well then a short time later I got a second message that the right tire pressure should be checked. Now I thought I had a real problem. So I got the air hose out again and checked out both front tires. Pressure still showing good according to my gauge. So I figured might as well check the rears. They were low. So to make a semi long story short, this is what I did.
    I started the truck. Filled all the tires to the recomended pressure shown on the door jamb. Shut the truck off for a few minutes. Started it and drove around for several miles. Messages went away and have not been back. Don't ask me why I did it this way. Just what came to mind. I do not have the owners manual yet. Just did it on my own.
    Try it you want. What do you have to loose? Good luck. Let me (us) know how/if it works.
  5. XS ive

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    When I bought my pre-owned Silverado I requested they rotate tires and check alignment. They did, but they didn't re-program the TPMS so the rears were fronts, and the fronts were rears. It was no problem to do once I read the manual!
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    me and my father had to do this to his 08 2500 it tells you in the owner manual that you have to put your key in and your going have to turn it to acc but don't start it then your going have to hit the lock and unlock keys on the remote start in a patteren and when the horn beeps you got to let air out in each tire you only got a certain amount of time to do all four tires it tells you all about it in your owner manual.
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